Tamil Nadu's "Amma", the great fighter.

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Tamil Nadu's "Amma", the great fighter.

Dr J. Jayalalitha, the ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was the most powerful and popular actor turned politician. She is still commonly and proudly called as “amma”, which means mother in Tamil.

Previously she called herself “Sahodhari” meaning “sister”, but when she re-coined it to “amma”, the bonding and the connection between her and the people got stronger and stronger.

She was a great woman who always fights. When she came into the limelight as an actor she fought and excelled to the “number one” position having acted with all the top heroes like MGR, Sivaji Ganesan, Gemini Ganesan, Nagesh, etc and has the privilege of having worked with great directors like K. Balachandar, Sridhar, etc.

She was an all-rounder well versed in singing and dancing too.


In an interview, she said she had always been a topper since her school days in Church Park Convent, and remained the most favorite topper while acting in movies and also when she transformed herself into a political figure.



She said that MGR was like a mother to her who guided her in all her endeavors and she groomed herself into this mother image which won her accolades.


But her political career was not a path of roses in the beginning, but still, she fought and fought and made herself the most renowned politician. Single-handedly she took up the fight and came out victoriously with flying colors.


Any day, she will always be cherished as “The” toughest competitor to other politicians. Even when she was sick, she still stood up against all odds and brought victory to herself and the party to become the second chief minister, after MGR, to be sworn in as the CM for the second consecutive time.

How proudly she mentioned this in her victory speech on May 23, 2016!

She was hospitalized and just with the mention of her name and fame, AIADMK won the by–elections. That is her power. The very strong woman fighter who fought till the end and will always be considered as the iron woman of South India.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Jayalalithaa has left the stage a victor in every sense. Be it winning her last election, winning reprieves in court, winning the one thing that seemed to be eluding her and on which so much hung – freedom from the obloquy of a conviction in the disproportionate assets case. Jayalalithaa has died un-convicted and therefore legally untarnished. She has died with her innocence intact, her honor safe. No one, at least for a long time, will talk about the charges of corruption against her, the rumors of wealth impossibly out of range in terms of normal earning or accumulation. With her death, the case too dies. But she lives.

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