Who is the most controversial politician in your country?

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Who is the most controversial politician in your country?

Politics is never a fair game and people who are involved in political parties always try to hog the limelight. In this effort, many of them end up being engrossed in controversies. If we talk about the present political scenario in India, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal is the most controversial politician.

An activist to the core, Arvind Kejriwal is a Roman Magsaysay Award winner. People of India had great hopes from this man when he decided to enter the electoral battle after the much hyped show by Anna Hazare.

He believed that social change can be brought only after entering the din of political world. Arvind split from Anna Hazare who was against the idea of floating a political party. However, soon after formation of his Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal started to show his real desire for power and showed door to stalwarts of AAP who had played a key role in formation of the party. Prashant and Sashi Bhushan who were members of core committee of his party were removed after few months of formation of Government in Delhi.

Presently too, the Kejriwal government has been in trouble in New Delhi as most of his ministers have been involved in some of illegal cases and are battling legal hassles. Kejriwal loves to remain controversial as was evident from his latest statements on Indian Army strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Arvind has indeed transformed from a core activist into a regular politician too soon and has belied the faith of people who reposed faith in him on the pretext that Arvind Kejriwal will bring a detrimental change in the current political scenario which is based on nepotism.

However, the lure of power proved costly for him and Arvind Kejriwal, much to the disappointment of his supporters has not only become a regular politician but is also involved in unnecessary controversies which has dent his image a big blow.

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