Why is AAP losing respect?

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Why is AAP losing respect?

The popularity and trust AAP got in its short span of life is now degrading regularly. There are many reasons of degradation and losing respect. Let’s look with analytical eyes on some of the reasons.

The prime cause of losing respect is the noticeable difference between their words, promises, and execution into action. The party could not come out from the blaming, complaining and dharna culture. Initially, it was all seeming to be good. As time passed they proved to be literally irritating people. It has been almost two years passed being the State Government of Delhi. Since the party leaders are continuing the blaming nature and complaining about others fault without doing anything.

Besides, in the AAP there is also leakage in their own values, ethics, and principle in their own parties. The party has no agenda to stand for. AAP has forgotten the main root cause, issue and agenda for their evolved as a political party. The AAP is now hungry for power. Originated from the issue of black money and corruption the AAP now completely is out from these issues. It had also joined with other parties against the eradication of corruption and black money. Which proved in recent time of demonetization when AAP opposed it?

The reasons are numerous. The prime reason for all these issues is the one and only person who is their leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. AAP is not Aam Admi Party it is One Admi party and he is Mr. A.K.

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Yes, AAP is losing faith and respect of the people.


Let Arvind Kejriwal be more rational and let him make more improvements in Delhi and spend less time in criticising the BJP. 

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