Kejriwal's political drama in Delhi

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Kejriwal's political drama in Delhi

The emergence of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was a hot topic of discussion all around the country. Unprecedentedly, people voted them to power with a thumping majority (67 out of 70 seats) in Delhi within three years of formation of the party. It was an unbelievable performance by an inexperienced political party and people started looking at them with huge expectations.

AAP achievements

It is a fact AAP government under Arvind Kejriwal has done some really good things for the people. Some of the steps taken by his government include

  • 50% reduction on electricity bills, 20,000 liter free water to each household,
  • construction of toilets in every nook and corner of Delhi, deployment of marshals in private buses,
  • highest compensation package for farmers,
  • free medicines and diagnostic tests,
  • doubling the amount allocated for education in the budget,
  • single window clearance for 27 licenses,
  • immediate action to ensure corruption free governance,
  • stopping the special privileges for ministers and MLAs,
  • adoption of the historic Jan Lokpal Bill and there are many more.

You have to give credits to Kejriwal for all these achievements.

Kejriwal’s political drama in Delhi

One of the negative aspects of Kejriwal is that he shouts conspiracy for everything and always goes on stages demonstrations for small things. That is why many people say he is creating a lot of drama in Delhi. His integrity can never be questioned but his attitude as the Chief Minister of Delhi should not be dramatic to this extent as it is today.

The way he approaches the issues needs to be changed. Creating drama for everything does not go well with a Chief Minister. As a ruler, he must be able to approach the issue in a non confrontational way. Making noises and accusing others are not going to deliver the expected results.

Bringing a change can never be achieved by creating dramatic scenes

Good governance is an art to be learned and practiced. Matured and honest rulers employ a systematic approach to find the best solution to a problem. Take the case of the Delhi government’s demand for full statehood. Many former chief ministers had also voiced their opinions for this cause. When it comes to Kejriwal, he is dealing things in a confrontational manner by pointing fingers at the central government.

It is not the right method of approach. Matured politicians always build a consensus first for the statehood and then, they will get engaged in the process of highlighting the advantages. The next step is to pinpoint what are the negative aspects involved if statehood is not implemented and finally, they take everybody together to bring about the change.

Crying over the occupational hazards instead of tackling them skillfully

Attacking the centre government has become a common practice for Kejriwal. When CBI raids occurred, he created a lot of drama and very conveniently, pointed fingers at the Prime Minister. According to him, somebody has been planning and plotting against him all the time. Even before this incident, he was criticizing the central government for not allowing him to function properly and in the name of the latest demonetization policy by the Modi government; he has been creating a lot of dramatic moments as well.

When a complaint was lodged against Manish Sisodia, the Deputy CM of Delhi, AAP MLAs created high drama by conducting a march to Prime Minister’s residence according to the instructions of Kejriwal. The purpose of the march was to surrender before the PM. If this is not drama, what is? Take the case of the CBI raid against Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary.

When the raid was conducted, he was screaming by saying that it was a political vendetta. You can find many more examples of Kejriwal’s political drama in Delhi. It is not the way to go as far as a Chief Minister is concerned and he should learn how to handle issues instead of crying over  occupational hazards.

As a politician, Arvind Kejriwal is relatively inexperienced and he has to learn things faster. If he wants to be known as a dynamic ruler and politician, he should stop creating political drama in Delhi. Highly skilled and experienced rulers always show some restraint and they behave in a matured and responsible manner while dealing with adverse circumstances. Arvind Kejriwal must learn this art as early as possible to serve the people of Delhi in the best possible manner.


These dramatic activities are looking good at the time of election campaign but as a chief minister he should act more mature and strong. 

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