Will Delhi public be able to vote Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) again in next elections?

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Will Delhi public be able to vote Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  again in next elections?

Kejriwal Government has completed more than one and half year ruling over Delhi. If we look around, we get a so many conflicting opinions of several classes of people. Different people have different opinions and nothing can change their opinion. So we decided to talk to people and know their opinion so that we can come to an outcome. The matter of the day is that whether AAP has made a place in people’s heart or not? Whether Delhi public be able to vote Aam Aadmi Party again in next elections or not? How good it seems to be when we see happy people around: happy with the government, happy with the environment and happy with the governance. The victory if Aam Aadmi Party was really historic. Now the main thing is whether the CM Arvind Kejriwal has kept his promises or even working to keep his promises. Let’s find out further.

The Journey so far: People of Delhi have shown full faith in Aam Aadmi Party and this was the reason behind the record-breaking win of AAP. Kejriwal gave an awesome kick start by allowing fifty percent subsidy on electricity bills Up to 400 units. It was a relief to the common people. The next thing he did for the betterment of the common man was free water Up to 20000 liters to all the households and the metered consumers. With these two major works, Kejriwal won the confidence of the people as he kept his promises. In spite of all this AAP was criticized by other parties for this decision. According to them, it was not a wise decision and would affect the overall development of Delhi. He started many helplines which were very helpful for the welfare and safety of the public.

Controversies: With the passage of time AAP has to face many controversies which were very difficult to handle. The internal fights within the party members were exposed and at that time, two very famous leaders of the party were expelled. This was like a black mark on the party and people started questioning the management of the party and it proved to be bad for the party. Moreover, the party was getting negative responses from within the party members only. Ministers such as Jitender Singh Tomar and Somnath Bharti, who were found guilty of fake degree and domestic violence respectively, put the party to shame and led to a bad reputation. Apart from these, there were many small things which were made big just to spoil the reputation of the party.

Achievements: No Doubt, despite many challenges and controversies, there were many achievements of AAP which proved to be a great help to the public. The main achievements involve 50 % power subsidy, free 2000 liters of clean drinking water, building community toilets, effective sewage systems, better education, women’s right and safety, public healthcare, pension scheme for senior citizens, development of rural areas, and regularization of unauthorized colonies, Mohalla Sabhas, employment generation, infrastructure development, Jan Lokpal and a lot more. What is more important is that at least he has tried hi level best to keep his promises. So Kejriwal has not only made fake promises like other politicians but has proved to be a true leader and is still working for the welfare of poor people.

Conclusion: The question which arises here is that why AAP was elected to rule over Delhi? The answer is obvious; people really wanted some fresh air in the political environment. No doubt people are thankful to him for reducing the electricity bills and water bills. But if we see the long term advantages, then there is no revenue created for Delhi instead revenue is reduced by giving freebies o the public. So it all depends on the perspective we look from. Moreover, there is a lot of difference in the ideology of the party now and two years back. The party needs to work on the ideology and they need to understand that politicians are for the benefits of people not to fight amongst each other. People still believe in Arvind Kejriwal but he needs to think about the public first, not other parties.

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