UK Elections Likely To End In Hung Parliament

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UK Elections Likely To End In Hung Parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s election gamble to call an early election seems to have backfired completely. According to the latest reports which include projection from a combination of exit polls and official results, the poll puts the Conservative Party at 318 seats; 8 seats short of a majority and an astonishing 13 seats down than what they won just two years ago.

This outcome comes as an utter shock following a solid campaign by the current PM that began with predictions of a historic landslide victory for the Conservatives. Although they can still form a coalition government by adding in some other parties in the tally, their largest opponents, the Labour Party is not far behind at 262 seats and they too stand in the mix of forming a government with assistance from other smaller parties.

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This hung parliament might jeopardize many things for the future of UK. This might lead to a halt in the proceedings of exclusion of Britain from the European Union among many other things. Many people claimed that the recent terrorist attacks could play into May’s favor, however, Labour party leader and May’s opponent Jeremy Corbyn turned that into one of his strongest agendas- national security.

With a hung parliament and the country’s future in seeming jeopardy, this result could be the beginning of many historic incidents in the UK in the time to come.

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First the elections in the US and now this result. People across the world are up to shatter the mandate.

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