Is Melania Trump the most beautiful first lady of America?

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Is Melania Trump the most beautiful first lady of America?

Melania Trump definitely brings glamor to the presidency of her husband Donald J Trump. The glamor quotient is a bit higher than many of her predecessors and most probably, Jacqueline Kennedy is the only exception. Many experts say that she brings the much needed balance in Trump’s life and she cannot be described just as an arm-piece only. That is what insiders say about this woman and for the close associates; she is a beauty with brain.

Jackie Kennedy was an inspiration for Melania - 
Melania is definitely the most glamorous first lady since Jackie Kennedy. Nobody can disagree with this fact. Almost 20 years ago, Melania told The New York Times during an interview that she would like to have a traditional role like Jackie Kennedy if she ever got an opportunity to live in the White House. Now, she has got the chance and many people are making comparisons of her with Jackie Kennedy. Jacqueline managed to create a captivating influence on the American public with her cosmopolitan lifestyle, impeccable fashion sense and friendly approach and, she was a very graceful woman as well.

Great poise and composure during the presidential elections -
Jackie and Melania 
is extremely beautiful in their own rights. Melania is on the way to becoming the most beautiful and graceful first lady of America. During the election campaign, she showed a lot more poise and grace than Mr. Trump and everybody appreciated the way she conducted herself during the campaign.

It is not the looks alone that make a first lady beautiful and how she conducts herself as the first lady of America should also be taken into account. Melania has to create a positive influence on the American public with her style, attitude and approach as well. It is needless to say that this woman has all the ingredients in her to become the most beautiful first lady of America

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Yes, Melania Trump the most beautiful first lady of America


By FAR she is the most beautiful inside and out to ever be the First Lady. Kennedy a close second, but Melania has her beat in intelligence. The background of Melania makes her very qualified to deal with issues that the MSM has no clue about, including how great America is for its freedom and culture. That culture includes standing for our anthem for the 3 minutes and not using it as a narcissistic attention grabbing stunt by criminal Thugs who beat the average American for arrest and assaults against women. The military doesn't get to protest while on the job at war, nor should the NFL employees be allowed to while on the job of entertainment. We have the most beautiful and intelligent first family in history.  Any MSM that truly wants to unite and heal America will stop the smearing and lying tantrums they have displayed on their DNC team of propaganda news. Coming from me, a former DEMOCRAT, anyone investing an hour will find Trump to be a philanthropist American Patriot who has always loved America and the American Dream. There is no one that knows the Clintons history that should have one thing negative to say about Trump. His worst sin is by far, less than anything done by Hollywood, the DNC & the Dems. God Bless the Trumps!


yes, there is no doubt that Melania Trump is too beautiful but we can not say that Melania Trump is most beautiful first lady of America.


No, there are many more beautiful ladies then Melania Trump.

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