The First Lady Fashion: Best Outfits Worn By The First Ladies Of The US

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The First Lady Fashion: Best Outfits Worn By The First Ladies Of The US

The first ladies have the potential of making a statement even with the fashion choices that they make. The outfits of the first ladies are followed largely at a global level. Here is a list of the all-time popular outfits of First Ladies-

#1. Melania Trump- Melania Trump became popular for her style and fashion even before becoming the first lady. On the inaugural ball, while all eyes were on her, the First Lady, wore a white off-shoulder gown with a ruffle and high slit. The dress designed by Hervé Pierre came as a surprise to the fashion critics.

(Image Courtesy: Pop Sugar)

#2. Michelle Obama- Michelle Obama wore the Jason Wu designed white one shoulder gown as one of her best outfits. Despite a captivating fashion choice, its stark resemblance to a wedding dress made it a symbol of a new beginning.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#3. Laura Bush- A bold fashion pick up for a first lady, Laura Bush’s best outfit includes the red inaugural gown with crystal embroidered Chantilly lace, designed by Michael Faircloth.

(Image Courtesy: Miami Herald)

#4. Hilary Clinton- Clinton did not go for the big designer names for her popular violet gown. She came across the work of its designer, Sarah Phillips, in a boutique. The violet laced gown was one of the best first lady outfits.

                                                                                                                     (Image Courtesy: Today)

#5. Barbara Bush- One of the most talked about dresses of the First Lady, Barbara Bush, includes the Arnold Scaasi designed velvet and taffeta gown. The royal blue tone of the gown gained all the attraction and admiration that it could. To compliment the dress, Bush wore pearls with it.

                                                                                                       (Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#6. Nancy Reagan- Nancy Reagan made an effective fashion statement with her white one-shouldered gown designed by James Galanos, a popular name among the high profile populace.

   (Image Courtesy: Fashionista)

#7. Rosalynn Carter- Carter’s most popular outfit includes the Marie Matice blue and gold chiffon gown. She layered it with the sleeveless blue and gold embroidered coat.

(Image Courtesy: Fashionista)

#8. Betty Ford- Ford’s green sequined gown, worn by her at a State dinner, made her one of the most stylish first ladies of all times.

(Image Courtesy:  Gerald r. ford presidential library and museum)

#9. Pat Nixon- Pat Nixon carried a graceful yellow gown, designed by Karen Stark. The gown had silver and gold embroidery and the Austrian crystal embedded in it added on to the elegance of the dress.

(Image Courtesy:  Fashionista)

#10. Lady Bird Johnson- The First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, chose furs to be her style statement. Her yellow long gown and her coat with fur lining, designed by John Moore, became an immediate fashion success.

(Image Courtesy: Red Hot Sunglasses)

#11. Jacqueline Kennedy- The First Lady herself gave in the sketches for her inaugural gown to the designer Ethan Frankau. The cape over the off-white sleeveless gown was a major fashion statement made by the first lady.

(Image Courtesy:  Telegraph)

#12. Mamie Eisenhower- The glimmering pink gown, worn by Mamie Eisenhower was embroidered using two thousand rhinestones. It was designed by Nettie Rosenstein. Eisenhower also had an imprint of her name on her Delman shoes.

(Image Courtesy:  Vox)

#13. Helen Taft- Taft’s best outfit includes her white silk chiffon gown. The floral and rhinestone work made the dress a brilliant fashion choice.

(Image Courtesy:  Wikipedia) 

#14. Eleanor Roosevelt- Designed by Sally Milgrim, Eleanor Roosevelt’s popular attire was the silk crepe gown. The flower and leaf pattern over the slate blue gown made the dress one of the most elegant choices.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#15. Frances Cleveland- The First Lady was quite known for her hemmed evening gown, designed by Lottie Barton.

(Image Courtesy: Dressed In Time)

#16. Mary Lincoln- Mary Lincoln’s two piece taffeta was the ultimate 19th-century clothing pick up.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#17. Martha Washington- The first First Lady, Martha Washington’s popular outfit was the silk taffeta gown with a flower and butterfly pattern painted on it.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)


Jacqueline Kennedy and Helen Taft look simply amazing, perhaps they do and perhaps they don't but they are required to play their part as the FIrst Lady and dressing up the part is necessary.

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