Train Your Mind And Enhance Creativity

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Train Your Mind And Enhance Creativity

If holding on to your creative thoughts and ideas have been a never-ending trouble for you, then you surely need to work on expanding your creativity.

Creative thoughts need a proper path and immense motivation to flood your brain. Here’s a list of things you can do to boost your creativity.

#1. Dip All Your Fingers In Different Fields

Don’t stick to a specific pattern of learning. Instead, try learning as much as possible. Try and grab as much creative knowledge you can, and then try something new out of all the gained knowledge. Following a vertical pattern of learning might hinder your growth. Having a wide range of knowledge will help you broaden your creative horizons.

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#2. Exercise Your Brain

Just like the body, the brain needs to exercise to stay healthy too. And because creativity has no bounds, a creative person always needs to have a very active mind. The brain doesn’t require lifting of heavy weights but just some brainstorming. To stay creative, one needs to keep learning and unlearning. Writing every thought on paper can also help in stimulating the creative instincts.



#3. Try to Stay Happy and Relaxed

A happy mind is always more creative. When the person is depressed or unhappy, they tend to think about the problems more than anything else. Also, a sad person slows the thinking process of the brain hindering its creative expansion. Hectic schedules or unhealthy lifestyle can be few of the reasons to limit your creative juice flow. Take a vacation to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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#4. Dedicate Time to Creativity

If you are serious about your creative abilities, then make sure that you devote enough time to channel the creative beast inside you. If you are not into a creative profession, then try devoting at least an hour or two, to focus your energy and mind in building some creativity. This time must be spent to let your brain wander into innovative and creative thoughts.

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#5. The Art Of Balancing

You definitely might have heard that the left-brain thinks logically and the right one thinks creatively. But, the true fact is, that true creativity comes from a balance of both the brains. For achieving this balance, one will need to carefully observe the dominating side and stimulate the other side. In case you mostly think logically, then you need to put stress on your creative instincts to balance the act. Once this is achieved, the transition between the logical and creative thinking will take place easily.


#6. Write It Down

Your thoughts have no fixed arrival and departure times; they can come and go whenever they wish to. If you tend to forget the thoughts that you had while in the shower or cooking a meal, then try writing them down whenever they hit your head. It helps you remember them and you can always revisit them.


#7. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself is one of the best methods to push your limits. Don’t worry about what others are doing; instead, push yourself into doing better than what you did yesterday. You can achieve this by pulling off easy challenges by giving yourself a specific word count or a restricted time limit. Such challenges push your brain into finding out creative solutions. They not only let you come out with something very interesting butis also a lot of fun to do.

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#8 . Work On Your Productivity

It is important to know what motivates you and what pulls you back from achieving your targets. Procrastination is the result of demotivation and can only be overcome by finding some inspiration. Demotivation can come from simple things like the lack of interest, curiosity, stress or even inadequate sleep. Just find out your turn offs and try staying away from them.

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#9. Re-conceptualizing

If you are not satisfied with your work or ideas, try rethinking the issue. Consider different aspects of the situation and come up with new ideas. This can be achieved by using the Six Thinking Hats technique. It states that you approach a subject with different judgments in different environments to come with multiple ideas. By considering the various perspectives, you can brainstorm numerous ideas and compare them to achieve best results.

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#10. Make Your Own Deadlines.

Setting self-determined deadlines help you achieve your targets on time. It improves your performance and reduces the time required to complete a task.

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Which method have you used to enhance your creative abilities? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Dedicate Time to Creativity
Creativity can be enhanced only with time.

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