How to Handle Demotivation & Stay Motivated at Work?

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How to Handle Demotivation & Stay Motivated at Work?

Getting a job in this economy is a huge deal for any aspirant.  A new job is a ray of new hope, new aspirations, and a new life. But for how long? Sadly enough of the excitement, the rush, and the passion tend to settle down with the course of time.

There’s nothing new about being demotivated at your workplace. It happens to all of us and that too time and again! To help you rejuvenate and get your lost motivation back, here's a compilation of some amazing ways to eradicate the dust of demotivation off your desk.

#1.  Remember Why You Took Up The Job

With time and monotony at the workplace, we tend to forget the reason why we took up the job. Our vision and focus get blurred. By going back to that time and re-embracing the passion which drove you to work efficiently will help you overcome demotivation.


#2. Go Easy On Yourself

We often get overwhelmed with our work and tend to think about the bigger picture. Thinking about directly achieving the bigger goals leads to pressure and the inability to perform it leads to demotivation. It’s important to look at things step-by-step and cut yourself some slack. You need to focus on the shorter aims first to achieve the big goals.

#3. Breathe. Relax. Meditate.

All work and no play is not a healthy way to a happy work life. Work is important but so is taking some time out for yourself. Taking a little break plays a vital role in rejuvenation. Be it a small vacation or even pampering yourself to a spa or taking some time off to read or watch your favorite movies could do wonders in re-motivating you.

#4. Get In Self-Inspiring Mode

Demotivation often leads to low self-esteem or low confidence. It is important for you to self-inspire by reminding yourself of your potential and the hard work that you have put in. If that doesn’t help, then change your surroundings for a little while and see the wonders. Talking to a friend, watching a movie or reading inspirational stories could also help.

#5. Take Responsibility

Stop playing the blame game. Instead, start taking responsibility. Blaming yourself for unachieved targets or disappointing performance won’t help in solving the issues. Finding the problems and eventually figuring out the solutions will help in re-motivating you.

#6. You Have What You Deserve

It is natural to appreciate what others have and devalue what we have. This too causes de-motivation. Being happy and satisfied with what you have helps you work more efficiently. If you feel that you need to achieve more, then work towards achieving it instead of cribbing. Valuing your work keeps you motivated and going.

#7. Do What You Need To, To Get What You Want To! 

It would be hypothetical to state that everybody loves their job. Sometimes it is just not possible to leave everything and follow your passion. Life is tough, and it makes you take some tough decisions. If you are stuck with an odd job and have no way out then think about what all this job gives you; financial independence, affordability, vacations, etc. Maybe this will keep you motivated!

Motivation is a self-derived force. External factors may help you motivate for a short span, but internal forces have long time impact.

 STAY CALM. STAY MOTIVATED! And, let us know in the comment section below about what is your mantra to stay motivated at work.

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Inspire yourself to see larger picture in life

If demotivated I would take a little vacation or do things that help me regain the lost motivation.

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