Hormones that keep you positive and happy.

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Hormones that keep you positive and happy.

Being happy makes us feel good.

Endorphine, Serotonin, dopamine and Oxytoxin are referred to as 'Happy hormones'.


Endorphins are natural painkiller hormones. Ways to increase Endorphins.

Exercise rigorously

Anaerobic exercises help us to cope with pain. It helps in activating our body's natural painkiller. They help us feel less bad.

Eating spicy foods also trigger the production of Endorphins.


Serotonin boosts our mood.

Ways to increase Serotonin

Expose to sunlight.

We produce Vitamin D when sunlight reaches our skin. Vitamin D helps produce Serotonin. People who remain outdoors are that is why happier.

Serotonin results from aerobic exercises.

Consuming carbohydrates with tryptophan.

Foods like corn and milk contain tryptophan. Our body converts tryptophan to serotonin.


It is a pleasure hormone. Dopamine is associated with goal achievement. Achieving goals produce Dopamine in our body.


Oxytocin is the love hormone. It is released by physical contact. Childbirth also releases a large amount of Oxytocin.

Ways to increase Oxytocin hormones

Get a massage. Massage increases our emotional well-being.

Hug your family and friends. Huggers tend to be happy.

Chocolates, bananas, fruits, Kissing, Exercise and drugs also contribute to happy hormones. Eat iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, omega -3, vitamin B, zinc rich foods like milk, yogurt, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, oats, soybeans, almonds, cashews, peanuts, eggs and cheese.

Let go the grudges. Forgive and forget.

Kindness will also make you feel happier.

Eliminate problems.

Be thankful.

Make it a point, to tell one positive word about other people.

Get up at the same time every day and maintain the circadian rhythm.

Clear all clutter from your home.

Avoid letting people dictate the way you live.

But too much of these hormones is not good. Endorphins mask pain. But if all pain were masked, we would end up injuring ourselves. Oxytocin is wonderful for relationships. But, we trust everyone we would end up in a scam.

Let us be grateful for these happy hormones.

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