How to Spark Creativity in your Child?

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How to Spark Creativity in your Child?

Creativity is nothing more than incorporating a new style of doing things. It is the ability to use imagination in a way that has not been witnessed till now. People who have more original ideas have a better chance of succeeding in the world. 

It is not easy to generate novel ideas that are unsurpassed. One has to really broaden one’s horizon and know the full scope of the world to come around the knowledge of what the world has already seen and what it is yet to see.

We Bring You Ways in Which You Can Help Your Child Be More Creative

# 1. Form A Worldview

Forming a worldview is a very difficult thing to do especially when you live in a world that presents you with endless views, enough to overwhelm you about your own opinion on things. This can lead to a thought pattern that is not fixed and makes one act erratically. The best way to gain the totality of beliefs is to break the world into different parts and components something which it already is in your mind and then join them in a way that helps you better understand its function. Grasping what is exactly going on will eliminate any confusion and give you the successful pathway to think about increasing the chances of unique thoughts and ideas.

# 2. Brainstorm

Brainstorming takes thinking on the lines of the problem aggressively. What one has to do is to present the problem to a group of people who are not at all associated with it. This will take familiarity out of the equation something which was stopping you from looking at the problem afresh. This new group will supply you with the most ridiculous and obnoxious plans which is exactly the purpose as they are not pressured by their duty and do not feel it is imperative to give the right answer. The spontaneous answers will help you relieve some of the stress that the mental block imposed on you and you will be able to think on the problem at hand anew.

# 3. Make Fun Creative

Children undertake a lot of activities enthusiastically, and it is up to the adults around them to get them off the ground and give wind to their aspirations. Most of their ideas are formed when they are playing with objects and what can spark more interest in them towards the interactive activity they are indulging in is when you show them how good what they are doing can be. If they are playing with cars, you can show them a toy track that will help them realize that they can extend the scope of their activity and will give direction to their imagination which is one of the most important parameters in being constructively creative.

# 4. Make Your Child Multicultural

One of the shortfalls of staying in any one culture is that it can feel limiting at times and threatens to take out freshness from the personality. Reading to your child about different cultures will help him in being less strict about certain values which are revered in his culture and help him think for himself instead to blindly devoting to tenets and scriptures followed by cultural fiends.

# 5. Delay Answering

If your child asks you something and gets an instant answer, it will make him/her more dependent on you. This can make your child go against the maxim that every person should think for himself. When you don’t answer immediately, it makes the child seek the answer for himself and makes him wonder what the answer might be. This helps form neurological pathways of thinking and help children hone their imagination. When a child is exhausted about thinking too much about the answer, provide the correct one softly and this will awaken the truth in the child that you were rewarded only after sufficient digging.

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# 6. Enhance Self- Esteem

Self-esteem can make or break a person. If a child is insecure and doubtful all the time, chances are the courage which is needed to get the ideas across will be absent and even if the child has a great imagination, it won’t see the light of the day as the heart needed to make it real would not be that strong. On the other hand, a child who has constantly been encouraged and praised for taking up activities is sure to have a higher self-esteem and not care much about the consequences of taking his imagination forward.

# 7. Home Repairs

Say goodbye to the light man and the plumber for a few weeks and encourage your child to experiment while fixing the necessary household items. This will help imbibe practical knowledge and make them more objective. The most important job for parents is to ensure that their child thinks clearly and feels deeply – a right combination of mind and heart. Every child should know as much as they can about reality so that they don’t feel oppressed just by their own imagination of it when in fact things are really different.

#8. Conclude Things

In order to create, it is very important that children conclude whatever thought comes in their mind. They need to finish thinking on certain subjects so that they arrive at statements which remain true in order to channelize their energy towards the path that lies undiscovered. All truths are easy to understand so it won’t be hard for them to figure out but the really creative children help raise the understanding of previous known concepts and concluding things is necessary for the same.

# 9. Tell Them Failure Is Not Fatal

All children need to understand that when the experiments they undertake fail to take flight and turn them into powerful figures, it is not fatal. It is just that they need more diligence to hit the mark and be more vigilant in their reasoning. Constant endeavors in the right direction do help achieve breakthroughs and that is what mankind is all about breakthroughs – A single thing that impacts all of us discovered by one who knows life is to live and not whine. Hold this view dear and nothing will damage your passion.

# 10. Protect Them From Negative Views

This is one of the toughest tasks of any parent as shielding your child from negativity is not easy. Children need to learn that whoever follows the light of the sun leaves behind the old world and we are all subjects of nature existing solely at the mercy of it. We need our children to understand that nearly everyone makes efforts and sometimes their efforts are not as successful as they want it to be. When this happens, people either keep their efforts or complain and censure what they do with this corrosive attitude rising to the point where they start discouraging other people and are themselves sad all the time. All children need to keep and harness hope throughout their life and tell themselves that the ways of producing new things from physical phenomenon is just a matter of luck and does not make one man bigger than another. Not making a big impact is not the end of the world as we are all key cogs in the chain of life and are too positive to lose the sense of respect we had since the beginning of our childhood for people who teach us and great discoveries made are just another one of such lessons.

# 11. Ask Intriguing questions

Curiosity never dies if one keeps asking questions and children do ask a lot of questions, but it is important to ask those questions in return where they think on the lines that take their imagination forward. You can start with simple scientific facts that spark interest in them to how they interact with human beings and their affects? This will teach them about an application of their own life in a better way that keeps them in good stead.

# 12. Tell Them Life Is About Creating Yourself

All children need to learn that life is about creating them and this will keep them away from bad habits which are detrimental to the life that they carry in themselves. They need to have a never stop learning attitude which helps them reserve enthusiasm so that when they get exhausted by doing an activity for a long period of time, they can switch over to some other interest. It is important to have one main interests and other side interests with the knowledge than side interests should never be made big to the point where they threaten the main interest. The experiences we share and activities we take up add layers to your personality and shape up our character.

Always remember to think and conclude before you think more so that you are on the right path and get the most out of your curious hours.

Tell us how you spark creativity in your child in the comments section below.

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