How Do I Know if I'm Truly a Creative Person?

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How Do I Know if I'm Truly a Creative Person?

I am a crafty woman. I keep creating some or the other pieces each day. People say this quality in itself qualifies me as a creative personality. But, I still want to know whether there are any other traits that can show if a person is genuinely creative or not?

Out of the box thinking is one thing. But, what can be the other signs that are apart from art and also let out the other innovative sides of a person? Can the art of creating my own individuality also be included amongst those characteristics?  

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Creativity is all about exploring and experimenting. If you implement changes in your artworks, you are sure to be creative.

If your experiments click then you are

A creative person shows his talent with his creations. His or her different attitude is what makes him or her different. The way of doing things, thinking against the grain, breaking the construct, etc..

Creativity is the ability to create unique ideas. if you can present yourself uniquely and you can create something new each day then you are creative.

Take any topic each day and see if you are able to create something good out of it.

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