How to Stop being a Dabbler?

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How to Stop being a Dabbler?

We are surrounded by many people, who started their life on a different note, be it a career path or small decisions in life that affect the course of future action, and then later turned to something completely different. People who always knew what their passion is and wanted to work in the same direction are quite set in their life decisions and goals. However, there are people who are completely directionless in their lives and keep on fluctuating from one path to the other and still reach nowhere. Such 'dabblers,' as they are popularly called do a lot of injustice with their own lives.

Be it a business venture, a career path or an educational stream, one should always be confident and sure of what one wishes to achieve. The goals and expectations are required to be very clear even in the initial stage. The problem lies in the fact that often people tend to lose interest in their initial years of a business or a job as they get bored by the monotonous routine, do not get desired results or lack confidence and commitment to move forward in the same field or path in life even in future. These people keep on dabbling from one career path to another and end up reaching nowhere.

They fail to understand their inability to figure out what one wants in life and failure in the initial years of one's journey are very normal experiences for beginners. One should always remember that if one sticks to his/her choices and accept the struggle in the initial stages of life, then it will definitely pay in the later stages. The hard work done in the beginning will always give results in the long run. A dabbler doesn't understand this and creates a mess out of one's life. If one really wants to generate good income, get a decent life and be satisfied with what he/she holds, then it is really important to get past this dabbling phase. Here are a few tips that can help you from not being a dabbler.

How To Stop Being A Dabbler?

#1. Stay Focussed

In order to stop being a dabbler and create promising life choices for yourself, you need to understand the immediate need to stop dabbling and be more focused and confident about your choice. For example, when it comes to professional journey, many people change their career paths quite frequently as they lose interest or get bored of their current job quite frequently. They take hasty decisions and switch from one job to the other without realizing the negative consequences it can have on their career. Dabblers need to understand that any sort of business or job pays you only after a consistency of a significant time period. After a few years of initial struggle, the road ahead becomes smooth and rewarding. It takes time to develop a good reputation, consistency, and expertise to understand any job or business. Only after a significant period of struggle, you become capable to train others and reach a certain level in your life.

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#2. Select Your Options Wisely

Another important step towards getting over that threatening problem of dabbling is to make your choices. If a person is wise and smart enough to select what is best for him in the initial stages of life, then he gets saved from a lot of hassle and difficulties in the later stages. A common pattern that has been observed in most of the dabbler's life is they never make strict choices in their life. They take quite a significant time to select what they wish to achieve. Hence, most of their formative years are consumed in figuring out what they really want to do in their lives. One can see that most of the people who have been successful in their careers or otherwise in life knew what they wanted to do at an early stage in life. This saved them from the trial and error process which dabblers have to go through as they never chose what they really want from their life and career. They keep on making bad career choices hoping to get satisfaction in one profession or the other, but then end up changing jobs with little or no results even after 5 years of their professional journey. Therefore, in order to be successful, one needs to pick an interest, one will still be passionate about even after 10 years from now.

#3. Look At The Long-Term Benefits Of Success

In order to make concrete choices and get long-term success, a dabbler needs to understand the long-term benefits of the journey that he/she is currently undertaking. Dabblers can avoid bad life choices by adopting a long-term approach towards their choices and think of their results in terms of future. For example, if you like sketching, then you should look for options in that stream. You can check various options that will help you in enhancing your drawing skills further, look for some of the best colleges which offer these courses, think of job prospects in the same field and if everything looks promising to you and you feel that you will be passionate about this particular activity throughout your life, then you should get the ball rolling. Dabblers often fail to understand the importance of this process and make fleeting career choices. One should also realize that the specific details of one's interests keep on changing, but it is one's own responsibility to figure out what one can do best at.


#4. Get Serious About Your Choices

Making choices is one part of the struggle, getting serious about them is another. This is the most difficult part for dabblers as they often find it difficult to stick to one particular option and then work in the same direction. When you think about making a serious commitment to a career path, it is extremely important to pick up the option which one is most passionate about. If you are seriously interested in a particular trait, then the chances are that you will be passionate about it in a longer run. If you desire stronger results in your life, then you need to get committed to a particular choice and then stick to it.

#5. Maintain A Work-Life Balance

One should always maintain a distance between personal and professional life. Usually, dabblers are quite bad at it as they fail to understand the importance of the process. Moreover, they are so engrossed in fluctuating from one job to another that sometimes they do not even realize the urgency of this difference. A clear balance between professional and personal life is very important. Not only it helps you to understand your expectations from these two separate integral spheres of life, but they also help you to do better in both of them. More often than not, dabblers tend to mix the two and start making career choices on the basis of what they wish to achieve in their personal life which is quite difficult. A clear boundary between the two will help in making meaningful relationships in personal life and a concrete growth in professional life.

#6. Differentiate Between Hobby And Career Choice

A big problem for dabblers is that they are confused between their hobbies and career choice. They are perplexed if or not they want to pursue their hobbies as full-fledged career options. Nothing can be better if you are really good at your hobby and have the skills to excel that particular activity. If this is the case, then a promising career awaits you, but even the other side of the story is not that bad. It is completely okay to have a hobby and not pursue it as a career. Singing might be your hobby, you enjoy doing it, but you lack the skills to pursue it as a full-time career, then in such a case, you need to understand if you really want to acquire that skill to be a great singer or just do away with it. You might have some other skill-set that is perfect for a particular vocation. There is no harm in selecting it as your career option.

#7. Consult An Expert

If you feel that even after years of dabbling and attempts to end this harmful process from affecting your choices, you fail to achieve what you desire then in such cases, it is always better to consult an expert. These days we have many professionals who can help you in picking up the best option for yourself through psychometric tests and other options. These tests help dabblers identify their skill sets and the profession they work best for. Such tests work best for the dabblers and can save them from years of wasting time and energy. After identifying their skills, they can pick up their career accordingly and then work in the direction of attaining success, happiness, and satisfaction in life.


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Being a dabbler can actually cause a lot of harm especially on a professional scale. I passed my class 12th exam with Maths and science but lost interest in the subjects in the middle of class 12th only. Then, I took admission in B.A. program only to realize that this is not something I would want to do in future.  Anyway, I pursued Masters in English literature as that was the only entrance exam I could clear. However, through my masters, I thought that it would have been better if I had pursued masters in psychology. In the initial 4-5 years of my academic journey, I kept dabbling like this and ended up nowhere even after having a post-graduation degree in my hand as I was never really sure what I wanted to do. However, the problem was that I did not stop there. In the first year of my career, I switched 4 jobs. Initially, I thought that it is completely okay not to be sure of what one really wants to do but then I realized that most of the people around me were quite sure of what they wanted to achieve in life and had clearly defined roles. They were doing well in their lives and some of them started at my own level. It was then when I resolved to retrospect and think if I there was any problem in my own conduct. I asked my close friends and they did not take long to tell me that I am a dabbler, who is not sure of one's choices and keep on hopping from one job to the other.  I decided to consult an expert as the entire process and the feeling of lagging behind was taking a toll on my life. I felt really dejected and lost in life. After consulting the expert, I realized that things would have been better and under control at a very earlier stage. However, the expert really helped me come out of that stage. I revised my choices and picked the one I thought I could do best at. The expert helps me select the best option for myself through psychometric tests which helped me understand the career options which match with my skill sets in the best way. After that, I started grooming myself in that direction. Initially, the road seemed difficult but the damage that had already been done could be cured this way only. Also, it is always better to do the things as soon as possible. Today, I have a good job with a handsome salary. I am quite satisfied and happy in life but the things I would have been on a completely different journey had I not been a dabbler. I would always advise people that they should pick their choices quite well in advance to save oneself from wasted years, feeling of dejection and lagging behind. One should always pick up the best option and think of the career in future terms. This way you can actually save yourself from being a dabbler.

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