Why Inner Beauty is more Important than Outer Beauty?

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Why Inner Beauty is more Important than Outer Beauty?

Whenever we talk about beauty, there is always a certain idea that we tend to refer to. There is an image of perfect beauty that the society has managed to construct, which remains the constant guidelines for assessing and measuring beauty. Over the years beauty is not as much the feeling aspect of it as much as it is the definition stated by the society. What I am trying to bring to your attention is the fact that beauty is all about the feeling of appreciation that comes from your heart on experiencing or seeing something, that manages to touch your heart. It is not about being perfect or a certain specific way, it’s about the feeling of bliss or the feeling of appreciation that something manages to generate in our heart.

This is why it is essential to make sure that you give more importance to inner beauty and not focus on the perfection of what is visible outside. Because what you see outside can be soothing to the eye, but what kind of feeling you get when you are with that person is going to make sure the interaction and the person leaves a mark on your mind.  

Inner beauty has the ability to touch the soul and make it feel joyful, there is a simple and yet deep impact it can make over any person. It is so subtle that we often tend to forget the significance of having and cultivating inner beauty. We forget that it is the warmth and the love that we receive from a person that makes it possible for us to feel the attachment with that person. On the other hand, there is something about outer beauty that tends to catch our attention most of the time. This is because it can easily make an impact on our mind and compel us to appreciate what we see.  

Once we can get rid of the mental blocks we have regarding what beauty is; we can begin to focus on the fact that beauty has nothing to do with the perfect physical appearance and the spotless skin that we tend to have. It has absolutely nothing to do with what the color of our skin is and how straight or curly our hair is. Beauty is as simple as the ability to love everyone alike and as complex as being able to smile amidst the biggest turbulence's in life. Beauty is really about who you are and not about what you look like.  

If you fail to see the beauty inside people, if you fail to make peace with the way you look because the society taught you that they are flaws, if you are not aware of how being a really good person from within can impact people, here are the reasons why inner beauty is more important than outer beauty

Why Is Inner Beauty More Important Than Outer Beauty?

#1. Inner Beauty Is Forever And Outer Beauty May Not Last 

Inner beauty is something that lasts forever and the fact that it is all about the kind of person you are means there is a chance of your inner beauty to improve. Inner beauty is the kind of warmth and the kind of compassion you have for people, it is what you make a person feel. Outer beauty is all about the way you appear and your body looks, there is going to be a time when you will not look the same anymore. There will be a time when your beauty will not remain the way it is in the present moment. Outer beauty does not remain the same at all times and forever. It can be the cause of some one’s love and appreciation for you for a particular period of time.

But, inner beauty is something that will be the same, it will only get better if not the same. It is something that will last forever in the person. It is something that has the ability to make people love you no matter what. The kind of love and appreciation that is true, deep, and real. It is not based on trivial things that last for a while, they last for always and grow deeper and better.

There is no way outer beauty can exist without inner beauty. It is the soul of the person that reflects in the face of that individual and no matter how hard one tries to make sure they put on a beautiful face; a dark heart will never be able to reflect the sincerity and the joy that a heart full of light can. This is why inner beauty is always more crucial than outer beauty. The way you look is not the only thing that will determine the way you are going to create relationships in your life. The inner beauty is going to make sure you go about creating blissful and healthy relationships.

That is why inner beauty never will die, and outer beauty will disappear the moment you stop supporting it with the light of the inner beauty.

#2. Inner Beauty Is What You Can Choose

The reason inner beauty is of more importance is because of the fact that inner beauty is something that people tend to cultivate and grow in themselves. It is something we choose to have within us. We make it a choice to get rid of all the negativity within us and to make sure we are a better person. That is when we have beauty within us, it will make it impossible for people to fall in love with us.

But, outer beauty, the face, the skin, the hair, the feet, the eyes, and the nose, they sure are not things we choose. Then what exactly is the point of struggling to accept them, because the world feels otherwise. The definition of outer beauty is the stereotypical ideas proposed by the society. It has nothing to do with the way we really are. It has nothing to do with who we really evolve to be. Outer beauty is not about aligning with the worlds notion of beauty it should be the ability to accept who you are, the way you are and love each cell of your being.

This is exactly what makes outer beauty insignificant and inner beauty the most importance. When you can choose, and you choose to be the best even when it is hard, you choose to make sure nothing can ever crowd your concept of inner beauty. Your struggle to a remain a beautiful person from within, irrespective of all the difficulties you encounter, increases the importance of inner beauty.

#3. Inner Beauty Is What People Look At Anyway

At the end of the day, it is a relief to be able to stay with the person who you find accepting and caring. It will make a difference if you are with the person with the most amount of outer beauty and yet truly very unhappy. It will be of no importance to you how the person looks when you feel the bliss of being surrounded by people who truly love you. Outer beauty is not what makes it possible for us to be with someone. It is not what we look at in any person. The memory of what they say remains closer to the heart that the one regarding how they looked.

We tend actually to notice the inner beauty in the people. It is the way they treat us and interact with us that we tend to like and care about. The outer beauty is definitely the first impression, but at the same time, inner beauty is what makes it possible for people to stick together and live a life that has peace and happiness in it.

Do you think there are various notions of beauty in your mind? Do you feel like it is necessary to align with the notions that the society has about beauty? Do you think this article throws light on the miss conception that we all have about what beauty is and how essential it is to focus on inner beauty and not outer beauty? Please let us know what you feel about this article, by commenting in the box below.

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