How To Invest In Yourself

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How To Invest In Yourself

“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” 

                        ~ Old Roman Proverb by Publilius Syrus

Our life is too short for us to become stagnant. We have to be in this constant process of changing ourselves, for the better. There is no end to learning new things, it is and has been a crucial process for us to evolve as a people. 

Who would know when or where the next bright idea could come from & change the world forever. If not the whole world, we’re pretty sure these activities will change your world for good.

Keep yourself constantly updated. Read books, magazines, online blogs & articles. Here’s an inspiring line from a popular TV series, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.”\

Exercise your mind. Play word games, solve puzzles, do mental exercises, take general knowledge quizzes. A sharp mind is an enhanced mind


Explore the creative side of you. Remember those drawing & craft classes in primary school? Yeah, you can consider one of those again. Adopt a hobby. Learn artwork, music, cooking, pottery, sculpting, languages etc.  


Advance your existing skills or learn new ones. You can attend seminars & workshops covering a wide range of different topics. You can get yourself certified with advanced courses in your field of work.

Learn about personal finance. Plan your finances yourself. Trust us, there is no better advisor to manage your finances than a financially literate 'you'.

Respect your body. Pick a new sport or learn a new fitness routine. It is important to keep yourself in the best of shape. Quit your vices. Aim to lead a healthy life.

Learn to discuss new ideas & debate your views. Keep a good company of like-minded people who love to discuss ideas & often argue with your views. Different views provide a fresh perspective on things.

Explore spirituality. Seek your mentor or guru. It is not necessary that you have to seek religion. Discover your purpose of your life. Embrace the divine.

Be inspired. Attend motivational seminars. Enthuse yourself by watching or listening to motivational speeches.

Connect with people. Get in touch with friends, relatives. Meet new people. Socializing enhances your interpersonal skills.

Take up social causes. Volunteer in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Give back to society, your knowledge, your time, your efforts, your ideas.

Travel to new places. Travelling broadens one’s mind. Explore different cultures. Learn to communicate with people that do not understand your language.

Prepare a bucket list of things & activities you want to do in the coming years. Set goals to complete the list in a set span of time. Renew the list with new things & activities once the existing list is over.

Investing time, money & energy in yourself can be a truly enriching experience. It will definitely change your life forever.

Discover yourself & be remembered.

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