Difference between mass communication and journalism?

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Being a mass communication student, I thoroughly understand the problems a mass communication or a journalism student goes through. In initial stages, means, when a person completes his 12th standard in school, he or she now has to decide what he has to do in future. Even if a student selects anyone subject as his career option then to during the course he is not able to make out the differences between the two. According to his interests, the student is allowed to choose his career option. Here, I will talk about choosing a mass communication or journalism as your career as well as the differences between the two.

Many of us even our parents are unaware of what actual is mass communication or journalism. Many get confused between the two. Removing all the doubts and making it clear, here I am to explain you the differences between the two, have a look,


Mass communication and journalism both have the work of expressing one’s thoughts in front of the whole world. They both allows a person to be known in the world by his name. Journalism deals with news and the paperwork, that is, newspapers, magazines, journals, newsrooms etc. all these are included in journalism. Reporting either for newspaper or newsroom comes under journalism. ‘Press’ is the word which journalists follow. Journalists are those people who are involved in journalism. They have the sense of news and are alert every time. A journalist needs to have the news running in his veins. In order to be a good journalist, you firstly have to be a good person by heart who reveals the truth behind the bars of the society.


Mass communication, on the other hand, involves journalism, that is, mass communication is a world of opportunities which includes journalism too. There’s a difference between the two as mass communication is not a part of journalism but journalism is a part of mass communication. There are the whole lot of things in mass communication. Radio jockeying, anchoring, content writing, disc jockey, video jockey, photography, cinematography, direction, scripting and on and on. A person who is creative in mind and wants to enhance his skills and show his talent to the entire world, mass communication is the best field one could get into. There are numerous opportunities and you can’t get them off your mind. mass communication involves journalists too and they are a part of media field. 


Mass communication includes journalism and it’s beneficial for you to get into a mass communication course because it includes journalism itself. Students who want to be reporters or just be a ‘news person’, journalism is worth you but if you go into a mass communication course you can choose your best out of a bunch of opportunities. A person who wants to be on television, mass communication Is the best option for you. Mass communication includes the printing work along with electronic work that is radio, television and newspaper. I would suggest students choose mass communication if they want to grow themselves and be a face and if they want to be a ‘news person’, they can be a part of journalism course and expand themselves. The choice is yours after all and both the fields are equally fruitful for a person who wants to make a career in the world of television or any communication mode.


Yes. Mass Communication deals with the procedure of conveying or transmitting a message to the general population through media like radio, newspapers, magazines, television, internet and so on. However, Journalism is concerned with the compilation and transmission of news through the print media and electronic media.

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