How to get rid of negative energy from your home.

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How to get rid of negative energy from your home.

We cannot see negative energy with our naked eyes but we can feel it. Your house is filled with negative energy if you are feeling ill constantly, having arguments and if you are loosing things.

Here are some ideas to clear negative energy from your house.

Sea salt.

Sea salt is commonly used in Feng Shui. It allows a balanced chi to flow in your home. Mix five tablespoons of sea salt in a bucket of water and mop the floors.

Clean your home.

Clean rugs, carpets, curtains, walls and windows of your house regularly. Every time you clean your home, you are removing negative energies. Cleaning your home will make it more positive as you are removing toxic products from your environment.

Open windows.

Always keep the windows of your home open. This allows fresh live breeze into your home.

Loud noises.

Loud noises break up energy patterns and allow them to disperse.

Burning incense sticks.

Burning sandalwood or any other incense sticks, candles, herbs, singing bowls will infuse positive energy.

Take a sea salt bath.

Add two cups of sea salt to your bathtub and a few drops of essential oils. Soak yourself and take a bath.

Remove clutter.

Things like old clothes and books can trap a lot of negative energy. Remove old items you never need. Wash your dirty clothes. Clean your table.

Add living plants.

Plants add colour, oxygen and life to your home. But you should water them and maintain it. Plants can purify air of toxins.

Listen to music.

The right music can heal. Dance or move your body in a rhythm.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

When we see others as ourselves, negative feelings will not harbor near and we will start feeling positive.

Salt water feet soak.

Take half a bucket of water. Add two tablespoons of sea salt. Pray to god with faith to remove all the negative energy in you. Immerse your feet in this water. Keep a distance of 3 centimetres between your feet or else there will be a stacle in the discharge of negative energies. Keep your feet in this salt water for fifteen minutes. While the feet are immersed chant the name of your god. After removing your feet from salt water thank your god and pray for a protective sheath around you. As the bad energy is going out, you may experience yawning, burping, numbness of legs, warmth in the eyes and ears. The water may even turn blackish or acquire a foul smell.

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