Positive thinking only can bring positive results

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Positive thinking only can bring positive results

A person with a positive single idea who manages to reach his goal is much more commendable than a man with thousand ideas and achieves nothing.

If we analyze we will find that many success stories had the foundation of good and specific beliefs and many failures had the roots in some absurd views. Positive thinking is a kind of attitude that searches for the brighter side in all situations. To achieve this in life, we need to embrace an emotional attitude of thinking positively in whatever we do. Even when you are in troubled waters, this kind of mental attitude will help in finding a way to overcome the hurdles and difficulties.

When you are positive you get more energy and that energy brings the best out of you no matter how bad the situation is. It triggers clarity in the mind and makes you look at things with a lot more enthusiasm and your body language exhibits your feelings. With a positive mindset, even when things do not work your way at times, you are inclined to feel that losing is not the end of the world and things will improve eventually.

Negative thinking, on the other hand, does not allow you to be cheerful and you are likely to make mistakes while taking critical decisions. This will eventually lead to frustration as you will start believing that nothing works well for you and the resultant disappointment will show clearly on your body language.

Both positive and negative thinking are somewhat contagious in nature. It helps if you are in the company of a person with positive ideas as it encourages you to stay positive as well. A person with negative ideas can only spread negative energy around him and his company will make you subconsciously think negatively which will have an unhealthy impact in your approach to any critical problems. It is, therefore, important that we should find a way to be around positive people and avoid people with negative ideas. If you are positive, you can, in fact, help others around you as you will be spreading your positive energy to them as well.

What is positive thinking – It is not walking in a garden quietly, ignoring all events that are not enjoyable or less likable to you. Positive thinking means that you look at undesirable or troublesome situations also very positively with a belief that something good will happen.

With negative thinking, you stay away from the present and start assuming how things will shape up in a particular situation. The more you give room for your negative ideas, the stronger the negative feelings become and it will be very difficult to control them. Unless you shift your focus to positive thoughts, you are bound to go through a path which will never bring happiness to your mind.

Few things that you can try to overcome negative feelings:

Meditation – Meditation or yoga can help to focus your thoughts to the present which will give an opportunity to stay away from negative thinking. Your focus will only be on the present and the meditation process that you are undergoing.

Company – Try to spend more time with people with positive thinking. Their positive energy will be transmitted to you even without your knowledge. They can only give constructive and positive comments. This will lift your own self-confidence and your approach to difficult situations will become more positive.

Past mistakes – Never hang on to your past. Stop feeling guilty about the past mistakes and move forward with fresh and new energy. Try to live for the present with positive thinking.

Ignore unhealthy comments –Try to ignore negative and superfluous comments. With a positive mindset, any negative comments should not bother you or have any impact on you at all.

Smile – Of course, this should come naturally to you once you start viewing things with a positive attitude. Living with a serious face does not attract anyone!

Help – Try to help others. When you are positive, then you can definitely pass on your energy to others.

Bottomline – Stay positive all the time. You have nothing to lose. You will be amazed when you actually see the results.

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POsitive thinking brings positive vibes and thus will definitely bring positive results.

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