Competitiveness in an individual leads to better performance

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Competitiveness in an individual leads to better performance

The motivation and dream to live a life which is the best in our perspective fuels our ability to perform at work. Driving our career goals inspired by the belief that we have to leave a mark to stand out in the crowd, strengthens our pursuit towards achieving our purpose and objectives in life.

Though being competitive as an individual has more often been associated with a negative connotation, competitiveness in an individual can help strengthen his motives and passion for outperforming and doing so by embracing both victory and failure as effective learning experiences, which pave the path for self-improvement and success.  

A competitive spirit helps an individual achieve new standards of quality on the basis of his own performance and that of his colleagues. The ability to accept challenges and take risks in achieving desired targets lays down the path for further success for a competitive individual. Being competitive promises an individual to be recognized as the best in terms of personal achievements such that he would be able to outpace his own set standards and benchmarks of performance. 

Though the negative aspects of competitiveness have been emphasized through various evidence in different walks of life, but to be a winner in the race a healthy streak of competitiveness becomes essential. The hunger for victory and the passion for achieving his dreams and aspirations can be realized by the motivation to win and the fear or insecurity of failure. An individual is pushed to the highest measure of hard work and potential through competitiveness and self-comparison.

Competitiveness helps us as individuals to monitor our own progress and performance. It helps us gauge the effort and time to be devoted behind a set target to maximize improvement and outperform our own potential and strengths. Being competitive is associated with the drive to accentuate or enhance one’s own efforts to maximize performance with the motive to achieve success. 

Growth and prosperity in life are promised to a competitive individual who is ready to take chances and try his luck to win the game. If the desire for success is not strong enough in a person, never can desired goals and targets be achieved. To be able to learn and accept one’s own shortcomings, it is equally important to be around people who are better than us and to strengthen our efforts to beat them. The ability to embrace challenges, face obstacles and seek solutions to new problems can help in promoting progress in the performance driven by the desire to think and act better than the others. 

Through years of creative thinking and innovations in science and technology, the human civilization has evolved to achieve success with life-changing discoveries. From the telephone to iphone, these scientific inventions are not just a product of the human brain but have promised us best quality services owing to the competition between individuals researching in these domains to companies marketing these discoveries. Just like these renowned scientists have toiled for years and have experienced a series of experimental failures before making their record-breaking discoveries, the desire to win is never strengthened until we learn from our failures. In a way, being competitive helps us treat failures as experiences on the basis of which we prepare ourselves for the long haul in a way that winning becomes inevitable.  

The advances that the human civilization has made by achieving the unachievable is truly an example worth illustrating to elaborate on the functionality of competitiveness in promoting growth and thereby performance. The ability to explore new possibilities at work and think independently to add a creative edge whether it be in business or a painting defines it differently and this spirit to modify for the best is achievable only by competitiveness. Competition with ourselves and others, thus helps us focus more on our own goals and motivates us to perform at our best to achieve them. Competitiveness preoccupies a major part of our existence in the real world and the more we dream of success, the fiercer the competition gets for us. A competitive individual enjoys extreme powers at all levels, make a huge difference and are capable of contributing to the world differently than almost all others. 

The persistent thought inside the head that why he should not be in a position to achieve something when someone else can, brings out the best of a competitive individual. They go to all possible extremes of maximizing their performance to achieve success by all means. Thriving to establish themselves to be the best, they consider themselves to be their biggest competitors, and will never fall short of their efforts in trying to be the best. Thus, most often successful, competitive individuals are satisfied on account of the hard work and toil that goes behind the pursuit of every target they set for themselves.

Always pushing themselves to extend the boundaries of their performance, competitive individuals are more optimistic about their failures and hopeful in their quest for success. The self-confidence and faith in themselves with an undivided spirit to achieve what they want to in life, competitive individuals do not let insecurities affect their performance or rational thinking. 

Competitiveness was introduced as a characteristic of mankind from the time of its inception on account of its close association with having a survival advantage. Adaptation to changes in the world has inspired us to live and promise ourselves the best quality of life. The competitive living is the ultimate perspective which supports success and continued growth in life due to the strive to become better and outpace our own achievements by self-improvement and the motivation to do so.

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