Why you Should NEVER think about Committing Suicide?

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Why you Should NEVER think about Committing Suicide?

Sunrise, rain dancing, star gazing, friends and family and so many things inspire us to get up, get dressed and embrace each day. There are so many reasons to live and so many moments to cherish. 

You just need one reason not to die? We give you 17 reasons to keep living! But ensure you realize why suicide is not worth it and why you shouldn't give up.

One Reason Not To Die

Why do you need one reason when there are hundreds of them? When you start questioning your existence and need reasons to live, it’s time to seek medical help. You need to talk to someone about your situation and not initiate suicidal tendencies. Talk with an expert, seek help from a support group or just reach out to a friend or family member. You need to devise plans for coping up with the trauma. Immediately get rid of the means which can potentially be used for committing suicide. Create an intensive list of things you love and develop the attitude of gratitude. It's all momentarily happening; nothing is permanent. But if you still need one reason not to die, here are plenty of them.

This Is Why Suicide Is Not Worth It

#1. Once you are gone, there's no replacement.

#2. One of the reasons to keep living is because suicide isn't the ultimate solution. It might release individual tensions, but think of those people you left behind in dismal.

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#3. Just because you are temporarily down, doesn’t mean your future is also going to be gloomy.

#4. You need to see Game of Thrones, Suits, and other such amazing shows.

#5. Face your challenges! One reason not to die is that you need to grow stronger.

#6. Not for everyone but maybe for someone, you are special!

#7. Why is suicide not worth it? Simply because the decision really isn't worth it. 

#8. You didn't go through all the struggles just to kill yourself one day.

#9. There are several reasons to live. You just need to find one and work on making it bigger.

#10. Why people commit suicide? Society doesn't approve of their existence. One reason not to die? Because you are much more worthy, and do not require anybody's consent.

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#11. Maybe your's is the life someone else is dreaming of. So make it deserving. 

#12. Remember, rejection is an indication towards progress. Don't contemplate on the feelings that you are detrimental than others.

#13. Think about your pet who would never accept the fact that you are gone. They may never understand why you did so!

#14. You literally can never be alone. Maybe a stray animal depends on you for his/ her daily means.

#15. Everyone is destined for greatness, not sooner but maybe later.

#16. How would you ever discover your actual potential if you just aren't there to witness it?

#17. Death doesn't cure pain, it fades away with time. Why is suicide not worth it? Because when you die you no longer exist. You will have to choose to live to end your sufferings.

There are people starving, surviving meager circumstances, battling against natural disasters, the person sitting next to you - each one of them is trying and so can you! Dying is a cowardly choice! 

How To Fight Suicidal Thoughts?

When you start to get the feeling of hopelessness due to certain circumstances, you are bound to witness suicidal thoughts under critical situations. The emotional pain becomes so unbearable that suicide seems to be the only option accessible. But, you should know that there is relief available to help you cope with suicidal thoughts. 

#1. Put Off The Plan

When you accept that there is no hope left around and you are not getting what you want, suicide may be something you will want to end your life with. But it is rightly said, the moment you are about to give up; you see a ray of light. Therefore, put off your plan just for the sake of next 40 to 48 hours. Your extreme pain at times just distorts the perception. You may actually have a solution right in front of you. But the fear of not being able to accomplish something blurs your way that leads to clarity.

#2. Contact Your Loved Ones

When you are all alone, the risk of committing suicide or having such thoughts just intensifies. So, you don't have to bottle them up and accumulate for adverse effects. If you don't trust your parents, call a relative. If they too aren't the reliable ones, meet a friend and discuss your problem. It is a normal human tendency to overlook the solutions when our mind is occupied with invalidating thoughts. Also, you don't have to feel embarrassed about your situation!

#3. Start Listing To The Things You Love

Make sure this list includes everything that makes you happy and has helped you cope in every stressful situation. Note down your favorite picnic spots, the places you love to travel during vacations, your best friends, your life partner, favorite books, your physical traits, your accomplishments or any such positive experiences. Suicidal thoughts can easily get away if you allow your mind and heart to see the wonderful moments you went through and are still experiencing.

#4. Make Your Home Safe

Suicidal ideation or the unusual pre-occupation in your mind about the thoughts of committing suicide, always make you grab the opportunity of harming yourself. So, make sure that you keep your home free from potential dangers and avoid any mishap. Get rid of razors, dangerous pills or other sharp objects, so that it's not easy for you to distract your otherwise calm spirit.

#5. Seek Professional Help

You may want to consult a mental health expert who can help you overcome the suicidal behavior of yours. He/ she may recommend you a suitable combination of therapy as well as medications. You can also look for help at mental health care centers or the suicide prevention clinics that can assist you in coping with your suicidal thoughts. Having suicidal thoughts is a treatable condition. It isn't any kind of a disease but a powerful play of thoughts.

#6. Use Your Senses

Whenever you start observing suicidal thoughts, just close your eyes for a few moments and try to divert your attention from whatever you are thinking. Just focus elsewhere. Focus on the positives, on your family or friends, the grass outside your house, the texture of the ground, a romantic scene in the recent book you read or the movie you saw. Just shift your painful thoughts away to let in some positivity.

#7. Stay Away From Triggers

At times, certain people, places and/ or habits can keep triggering your condition. Yes, initially it's hard to recognize and form that connection, but there definitely are certain situations in which you tend to be more unstable. Therefore, either share each and every bit of your personal and professional information with your psychologist or self-analyze those triggers. You might not even know how a friend who keeps cribbing about his job might just be the one disrupting your emotional confidence. Being alone could be another trigger and even alcohol might be one of the many reasons.

#8. Work On The Issues Behind Your Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts can occur due to several reasons. What you keep thinking in a situation is one of them. So, once you know which thoughts are behind worsening your situation, start working on them. Find effective ways to address those issues and you will probably start feeling better over the time.

For instance, if maintaining the finances makes you feel worthless, it is really nothing to worry about. Get yourself an expert financial planner! If poor concentration makes you go crazy, just opt for yoga and meditation classes. You don’t have to constantly keep blaming yourself for anything wrong that happens in your life. Try to preserve the sense of self and keep attending your counseling sessions.

#9. Exercise

It may sound weird to some, but exercising not only improves your physical health but also gets your mental health in good shape. It has shown proven effects to lower the signs and symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. So, take help from a friend or your gym instructor to get you into a routine for exercising your mind and body. This way you also meet new people, form exciting connections and observe your life from an altogether different perspective.

#10. Start Believing in Yourself

Feelings are not facts. These are real emotions that all living beings go through. So, give yourself some time. We understand that you are going through a tough time. But yes, it was you only, so happy and cheerful sometime back. If things were better earlier, they can still be. Just remember to start caring for yourself. Take a better control of your life and just get your treatments right. Keep reminding yourself that you are strong enough to face everything that life throws at you. You think suicide will sort all your problems? Just give it a thought; you might not even be there to witness any positive change if you take that way.

Liked what you just read? Want to read more just informational stuff? Or would you like to share any of your personal experiences or opinions with us? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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A person who is somewhat happy and contended with his/ her life can never understand how difficult the struggle of a person is who wakes up each day thinking how to end their life and sufferings. Unless it is not a loved one, we would never realize what they go through. For the victim and the family, every day is a day that comes with uncertainties and hundreds of trials. Safety of the person with suicidal tendencies is of utmost importance. And 24x7 watch on them is necessary along with proper family and friend support and no intentions of sympathizing with them.
You might never come to know that moderately appearing thoughts of a person regarding suicide would one day chalk out a full-fledged and detailed plan of their present-day being the last day. Their lowering abilities to manage stress and other life events acts like a psychological torture that makes them plan their last days. In one moment, they might seem to be the chirpiest kid ever, but there also are those days when they are the scariest person to be around. Patience and strong willpower are needed to tackle such people. When people around them are stern and very much clear about their intentions, such persons too have no other choice than to see the goodness in life.
It's a deadly serious issue and if proper actions are not taken, the potential risks take no time to turn into absolute dangers. If someone dealing with suicidal ideation and is looking out for answers on the internet, then my friend, let me tell you, suicide is not the answer! Even if you assume this to be the revenge against someone, dear, you won't be here to watch the consequences. If you aren't capable of stopping yourself but have that 0.1% chance of hope inside your heart left, then visit an expert, call the emergency numbers, talk with your family, ask for help - there is no harm in it!

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