Why is it Important to Love Yourself?

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Why is it Important to Love Yourself?

Love is the greatest gift you can give somebody, but before anybody else, you should give it to yourself. Love means accepting the imperfections of a person and giving them care, affection and trust, and the first person who deserves your unconditional affection is you.

Loving yourself does not mean you should be narcissistic or selfish, it is about accepting yourself as you are and stop striving to turn into some other person. Here are some reasons you should start loving yourself today!

#1. You Deserve Your Love More Than Anybody Else

Before you can start loving anyone else, you need to know what it is like to love somebody, and the only way you can do that is by loving yourself. People are going to be repelled if you keep putting yourself down. So from this moment on, make it your motto in life to exude honor and self-respect. You will be surprised to see how people get attracted to you.

#2. It Will Give You Confidence

There is no denying that we are naturally attracted to charismatic and confident people. It is our inner sub-conscious that tells us to surround ourselves with positive energy, and we look for happy faces to make acquaintances instead of dull and boring ones. Confidence in self is not learned overnight; rather it develops with time. Just put yourself out there and keep trying.

#3. It Will Make You Look Better

It is not a joke. See a frowning face and a smiling face to notice which one looks better. It’s always the smiling face. Also, it is easier to smile than to frown. Scientifically speaking, while it takes 43 muscles to create a frowning face, it only takes 17 muscles to smile. So, go easy on yourself and light up the room with that sparkling smile of yours.

#4. You Are Your Best Friend

There will never be anybody who understands you better than you. Friends and lovers are important in life; but the person, who will ever know you inside and out, can be none other than you. You know your moods, you know how you will react in situations and only you can put yourself above everything else.

#5. Happiness Is Contagious

You can only keep other people happy when you're in content with yourself. If you are not satisfied with yourself or your life, you cannot make a positive impact on the life of others either. So, if you wish to make the people around you happy, be it your friends or family, then you have to be positive and start loving self.

#6. Because Everyone Else Comes And Goes

It does not take anyone too long to understand that people are going to enter and leave your life at one point in time or another and the only person who is always going to be there is you. Everyone else is in a side role, and you are the protagonist of your story. Don’t center your life around anyone else.

#7. Because You Only Live Once

Though this life may seem too long at times, it is in fact too short, and everyone realizes it sooner or later. Don’t wait for happiness to come your way, go out and grab it. The only way you can be truly happy is by doing what you love and loving what you do.

So, there you have it. Place yourself above everyone else and live life on your terms. Remember that people who care will love you just the way you are. Stay happy and keep loving yourself. Also, we would love to hear your self-loving moments and stories. Share all of them with us in the comments' box below.

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