What is a Good Punishishment for a Child who is Lying?

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What is a Good Punishishment for a Child who is Lying?

I'm a concerned and worried mother of a 9-year-old girl who's consistently performing poor in her class. Despite the regular tuition and extra classes in school, she fails to catch up vis-a-vis her classmates. However, what has put me in a state of shock is the fact that she has been lying to me about finishing her homework and using this as a leverage to play or spend time with her friends.

I'm in a fix as to how to guide her through and give her a direction. Share your suggestions. 

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The best punishment could be asking your child to memorize proverbs related to honesty so that they remain in their mind and next time they will think twice before lying.

Sit With her and talk about what's right and what's wrong. 

Talk to them and ask them not to lie or you will take away their PlayStation.

take away their privileges or make the circumstances where they don't have to lie to you. 

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