Clarity over brevity

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Clarity over brevity

Clarity means clear in expression in writing, talking, etc whereas brevity means being concise, short or brief in nature. What is the point in making crisp statements, if there is no clarity in it?

To save time, we cut short on the words and abbreviate them, but what is the result, the clarity is lost. It will not be very clear and understandable to the reader or listener. When my sister was hospitalized for a head injury, the doctor when inquired about her condition said GOK, which means God only knows.

I was wondering what that was, whether a disease or something, The main aim in talking or writing is for the viewer to understand what we are trying to say, if we lack communication because of brevity writings or speeches, we become a loser. So in the battle between clarity over brevity, clarity is always the winner.,

Writing is an art and everybody wants an article to be clear and crisp. If we keep hitting around the bush, the reader will lose interest. So to be successful as a writer, the writer should have clarity of thought followed by the clarity of expression. First, we should know what we are going to write and be clear about our views on the topic. Only then expressive clarity will be there in our writings.

 It is the same situation for an orator. If the person lacks clarity of thought and does not even know what he/she is going to talk how could they express their view? Especially during election time, our politicians will talk for hours together, but if they are not clear about what they are going to say how can they impress the public and get votes. If it is a very lengthy speech, the people will lose interest, so brevity and clarity go hand in hand but over brevity, clarity is more important.

A classic example of a crisp and clarity speech is that of the President of America, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address on November 19, 1863, where he spoke for over a time of two minutes and is considered as one of the best-known speeches in the history of America with ten sentences and 272 words.

I have received lots of brevity texts on my mobile with words that nobody can understand. I tried my level best to crack out what was sent to me. But I just could not get what was being communicated to me and halfway through I lost interest in reading further and I was not able to read the full text.

From my point of the view, the writer or the sender has failed to impress me as according to me, the SMS was boring and not at all interesting even though there was something good and interesting hidden otherwise, it would not have been sent to me at all.

And also, the advertisements that are sent to mobile phones. It looks as if people, in order to save time and energy, type words in a hurry and it will be all bizarre words here and there making no sense at all, whereas some will have so much patience with thousands and thousands of thoughts running inside their head, they will pour out and dump everything on the reader.

While writing we should have word counts so that we will know our limitation and sticking to that, we can make our writings crisp and clear. After writing an article or speech, editing it is a good practice keeping in mind the word count.

Some of the best crispy and concise tweets can be seen on Twitter, all one-liners with so much information conveyed with few words.

In this fast paced world, nobody has time to sit and read lengthy articles and we do not have patience at all to read huge texts, so we can say that brevity is the soul of clarity, but clarity is more important.

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