Why you will never do anything amazing with your life

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Why you will never do anything amazing with your life

Amazing things happen to the people with amazing qualities. If you are habituated to your routine, you are not likely to achieve amazing things in your life.

Life is a chance. Various factors stop you from doing anything amazing with your life. By understanding and analyzing those factors, you can create a room for amazing things in your life. Life is a gift. Life skills are neither taught in a school nor learned through a textbook. Also, these skills are not available as a crash course. Life skills are developed as you understand about your true self. You should venture your time to explore yourself. You can develop such skills only when you try to do anything amazing by taking risks.

Basically, you may not wish to do and never interested in anything amazing with your life because of the following factors.  

1. You have never experienced enough failure

You have not experienced enough failure as you do not take risks. You are happily adjusted to your comfort zone. You do not wish to get out of your comfort zone. Everything is auto-adjusted in your life. You think everything beyond your comfort zone is hard and complicated. You did not fail enough as you did not try anything new. The determination to achieve amazing things starts from a failure. In fact, failure is a stepping stone for achieving great things. Failure helps in adjusting your paths and course of actions and thus failure helps in taking your life forward. As you are fixed into one particular zone, you are not trying to experience new things.

2. You do not read much

Your reading is limited to what is required for your routine. You feel that philosophy and history are not required to you. Hence, you like to stay away from these concepts. You give much preference to watching some entertaining TV channels. You refuse to understand that the power of the present world is the determination and willpower of individuals who existed before us. You are enjoying the facilities. These facilities are not available in earlier days. Such people explored many things and gave us comforts and facilities. You are not willing to appreciate their determination by reading about them. You are thereby limiting your knowledge to one level. You are neither interested in reading philosophy and nor interested in history.

3. You do not want to learn new skills

Learning is a continuous process. You feel that learning process has stopped once you got your certification. You also feel that leading a life does not require much learning. The process of learning a new language or program might irritate you. You are not interested in improving your areas of weakness. You are neither interested in progressing your intelligence by developing new skills. You are enough with predetermined skills. You are happy to lead your life with such skills. There is no scope of learning new skills in your life as you do not show much interest in doing anything amazing in your life.

4. You care what others think about you

You like to judge others. In the same way, you are also targeted by others. You give more importance to others who like to judge you. You tend to feel that everyone around you is judging you. You do not treat you well. You give the least importance to yourself. You like to do things to impress others. You do not like to try out anything with the fear of judging by others. You do the things the same way as the way others are doing. Hence, you are also not able to achieve amazing things. If you wish to achieve or invite amazing things, you must do something amazing in life. You should understand that the life you are living is yours. You are not living other’s life.

5. You Lack Inquisitiveness

Inquisitiveness is an important quality of a mastermind. Inquisitiveness, also known as a curiosity, is the mother of various inventions. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein are the best examples of curious characters. Your mind becomes active only when you are curious. New ideas can be observed by your mind when it is active. Lack of inquisitiveness makes you miss a number of amazing opportunities as your brain is not prepared to recognize them. New possibilities are brought into life by developing curiosity.

6. You do not raise enough questions

You are not interested in raising questions on anything. You also hate questioning yourself. This is because you do not understand the concept of questioning. You are hence prepared yourself to remain silent. You are not prepared to raise questions at the right time. You stuck in a monotony style in a self-imposed strategy of survival. Innovation starts from questioning. When you wanted to do amazing in your life, you must start asking enough questions.

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