Why do I see my mother this way?

734 Views Updated: 18 May 2018
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I'm not...entirely sure how to write this...

I just feel like a terrible person to be quite honest. As much as I love my mother, i can't help but find her to be grotesque. She used to be decent looking. However, she did have severe acne that scarred up her face a great deal, she also suffers from rosea and she's around one hundred eighty pounds I think? She's a little on the overweight side, maybe even obese in some people's eyes. 

I'm a seventeen year old girl, and mainly got my father's looks. I didn't get acne like she did, and I don't have rosea...yet at least. So I feel pretty awful for feeling this way about my own mother. 

She's a very sweet women, and has a lovely smile. But it's just something about her that makes me...grossed out.  I'll even get irritated with her and have to leave the room and not talk to her for awhile it's that bad--

Do I have mental problems, or is this normal?

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