I think my house is haunted

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I may just be jumping to conclusions and letting my imagination run wild but my basement just feels wrong and it's a certain part it's where my great great grandfather's cabnits are my grandfather uses them for tool storage now so that's why it's in the basement. My mom always talks about how my Great Great grandfather was a really mean man and how he use to be mean when she came over when she was younger.One day when I was in my younger Brothers room with my mom and talking about how that part of the basement creeps me out my dog suddenly looks right at the door entrance and starts growling and starts getting up and barking and literally nothing I checked if my cat was anywhere near the door but my cat was in the living room.My grandmother's door also opens randomly I use to think it was just the wind because we always leave our windows open during the day for fresh air but that changed when I was in my living room and I was in the rocking chair that gave a clear view of her room and something told me to look at her door and I watched it open right in front of me.Sometimes when I'm getting ready for school or cleaning little things dissaper for a split second and when I turn back around it's there.Also if you are very quiet you can hear stomping in my house which is probably nothing just the house settling or whatever but still creepy.I may just be crazy and jumping to conclusions and blowing all this out of proportion but I have noticed I have little scratches and I have no Idea where they came and they are always in the wierdest places like one was on my hip and one was on my stomach it's always places that aren't usually exposed like my legs.What made me write this is that I woke up a few minutes ago and was really thirsty I didn't really feel like drinking water but something in me strongly disagreed with going downstairs to get lemonade where the other fridge is.I was to creeped out to go but my Grandpa was still awake so I felt safe since I wasn't there only one awake but when I went I had the most horrible feeling possible I felt terrified and sick I could feel my heart rate quicken and I felt like I was going to puke I started shaking even though nothing happened I had the sudden feeling to cry.After I got the juice I ran upstairs and suddenly the feeling was gone.I have also noticed i am way more fussy then usual I usually don't argue with my mom but me and her keep having arguments.Another thing that may be nothing is that I have had such a hassle trying to post this somewhere first I tired my Yahoo answers account but it wouldn't let me sign in then I tired another website and the ask option would both work but everything else worked.I have no idea if I'm just letting my imagination get the best of me and I'm looking to close into everything or if something wierd is in my house please help <3

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