Need help interpreting a girls feelings

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So last night i was laying in bed and i sent my streaks out and a girl that i liked responded with just a black screen and wrote the words i love you on it. She was with friends that night so i thought one of her friends did that or she was dared to or something along those lines. Anyway i open the snap and about 5 minutes later she responds with "wow", because i didn't respond. i said i didn't know it was her being sincere or her friends. she said that i'm cute and sweet and that she sent it. i said i guess "i feel the same way" and she said "yes" and that was it for the night.

I woke up the next morning and kinda thought for a bit of what happened and decided to text her saying "what happened last night? the whole i love you thing?". She responds with her "meaning as a friend", even though the night before she didn't mention that and seemed excited when i said that i feel the same way. when she asked why i said it i played it off as me saying i love myself too as a joke. she responded with "wow lol".

sorry for the long write, just wondering what way she means i love you. One night she seemed really sincere and the other night she seemed almost defensive which is what is confusing me.

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