30 bulbs were connected in series and one was fused the other 29 bulbs were joint in series to the same supply then what will be the light in the room

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Ans : Increase

Explanation :- Let power and voltage of each bulb are P and V respectively.

Then, resistance of each bulb is R = V²/P 

Case 1:- When all the bulbs are connected in series then, equivalent resistance of circuit is given by Req = R + R + R + ..... Upto 30 terms 

Req = 30R = 30V²/P 

current passing through each bulb is i₁ = E/Req = E/30V²/P = PE/30V² -----(1)

Here E is the potential difference of circuit.

Case2:- Now, a bulb is fused. And 29 bulbs are connected in circuit.

So, equivalent resistance of 29 bulbs in series combination, 

Req = R + R + R + .... Upto 29 terms 

Req ' = 29R = 29V²/P 

Current passing each bulb is i₂ = E/29V²/P = PE/29V² -----(2/

What we observed ? From case 1 and case 2 i₂ > i₁ 

e.g., current flow through each bulb is higher than initial. 

Means power out put = i²R will be higher 

Hence, room's light increased.

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