What are ways to childproof house?

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What are ways to childproof house?

As a responsible parent, you would always want your little one to stay safe from common household hazards like fire, accidental falls and electric shocks. For such reasons, you need to childproof your house, especially when your kid is into the infant to toddler stage. At this delicate phase, they are not quite aware what is good and what is bad for them. They tend to pick objects from the floor and put them into their mouth or try to run on the watery surface of the house. So, you need to remain high cautious with your child’s activity and try to protect him such unwanted accidents. As your growing toddler begins to crawl and explore different household objects, you need to stay aware of such thins as it can be hazardous to your child.

Common household injuries are some of the pivotal reason for which infants are rushed to the hospital especially in worse scenarios. Here are some helpful ways in which you can childproof your house:

Never leave your little kid unattended in the bathroom as the high flow of water can be extremely risky. Moreover, it is important to install outlet covers to avoid electrocution.

• Always put the door knobs closed off so that the kid does not enter the non-childproofed and dangerous areas of your house like kitchen, bathroom, and garage. It can prevent the entry of your toddler in such endangered areas, and they remain to safeguard from accidental falls and injuries.

• Avoid installing lower locks on your doors, as it can lead to unintentional locking by a child.

• Attach safety netting on windows or window guard, as it can minimize the risk of falls from heights.

• Always ensure to keep all the hazardous, inflammable, poisonous, sharp, and hot items out of reach of the children. Moreover, the daily used items like soap, kitchen knives, insect sprays, pepper sprays, and detergents should also be kept in a locked cabinet.

• When you are leaving your child with his grandparent or nanny, try to provide him/her a complete list of important mobile number. In the case of emergency, the person should be able to make calls immediately. The list should include contact numbers of a pediatrician, police station, fire station, nearest hospital, and reliable next door neighbor.

• Always ensure that there is no hanging cord in your home, as it can lead to strangulation.

• Try to place bumpers in sharp corners of the furniture’s, so your kid stays protected from accidental injuries.

• Keep all your electric device and appliances unplugged when you are not using them.

• In bathrooms, try to keep the toilet cover closed, as it can protect your little one from drowning.

• Place non-skid bathmats that are not slippery in front of the bath and kitchen area of your house.

• Always keep the trash lid closed, so that the kid does not put his hand into them.

By making all these simple changes, you can significantly restrict the occurrence of accidents in your home and your kid would always remain safe.

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