What are some expectations you have about living in the US?

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What are some expectations you have about living in the US?

“The grass is always greener on the other side”- Anonymous.

We often think that the country where we are living is not good enough in terms of housing, education, or savings. In this case, we decide to move to a better country that has best of everything. Anyone who dreams of moving to America, the largest and the richest country in the world, has certain expectations from the country. But do we actually judge the pros and cons correctly just by watching American movies or just by reading few good blogs about America? The answer is “NO”! Movies just show a rosy picture which could be true in some cases but in other cases it is not.

So, lets’ take a look at the some expectations we all have about living in the US Vs Reality. This article isn’t about scaring you off from your possible dreams of moving to the United States of America but to prepare yourself to take care of any situation that arises contrary to your expectations about the country.

Be prepared and plan everything. It is always good to plan about your stay, job and school for kids. Prevention is better than cure! So, you must have all the knowledge about the place where you are going to live, where you are going to work and where you are going to send your kids to school. If you have a friend or a relative residing there, it is still advisable to keep every information with you, no matter what. We always expect friends or relative will help you find everything for you but it is always better to be ready. Because you do not know what situation will arise if you go without planning anything and expecting people to help?

Typical or a Stereotype Notion. A lot of people create expectations about America based on American movies, TV Shows or celebrities in the news. But when you actually arrive in the country, your expectations don’t match really. But sometimes it could be a pleasant surprise too. Perhaps somebody told you that people in New York are very cold and rude but in reality you meet someone very cheerful and friendly!

A friend of mine recently moved to the US for an official project for a few years. After she had been there for 2-3 months, she was complaining about a lot about the work culture and services in the US. She said that the transport wasn’t punctual, ATM were inefficient sometimes and the cell phone services overpriced. So, the reality wasn’t matching her expectations.

The culture shock also plays an important role in the expectation Vs reality scenario. To function within the American culture and deal with everyday challenges is quite difficult for the first timers. Sometimes, negative feelings triggered by the difficulty in performing everyday tasks.

What Can You Do If You Face This Situation?

There are few things that you can do in to adjust yourself with the new environment.

Try to recognize your frustration points and focus on improving them. Mood swings could prevail due to your new life there. You might feel exhausted about how complicated it is to open a savings account in a Bank but later same day you might get delighted by the scenic beauty of the Central park. Focus on good things in your new life and try not to worry about the occasional low points.

Now to make you feel better let’s discuss few interesting facts about USA:

Americans are the most likely people in the world to help a stranger in any situation. So, you must not feel awkward if you need help.

Around 69% of firefighters in the United States are “Volunteers”.

American schools encourage children to take part in extracurricular activities, such as sports, student newspaper editorial, drama clubs and band. More than 80 percent of all students actively take part in such activities.

Though first language in America is English, they don’t have any official national language.

If you have 10$ in your pocket with no debt, then you are richer than 25% of Americans.

America is also the paradise for food lovers. You will find all kinds of tasty cuisine and yummy foods!

America certainly is a great country to live in. Just like every country has its pros and cons, America too has its pros and cons. But it depends on people to handle it smartly and with a clear mind and soul!

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