It’s All in the Details – Accessorizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style

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It’s All in the Details – Accessorizing Your Home to Reflect Your Style

When designing a home, there are many important elements that require thoughtfulness and a designer’s eye: custom millwork, furniture layout, hardware selections, paint and wallpaper selections, and fabric choices. Once floors are laid, walls are painted, draperies hung, and furniture installed, it’s time for the final finishing touch: the accessories.

Selecting accessories and pillows might seem like a small job, but it truly makes all the difference in turning a house into a home. Without carefully chosen accessories, a home can seem empty. Poorly chosen accessories can make a room seem “off,” especially if they’re the wrong scale or color. In the worst case scenario, the wrong accessories can make an otherwise beautiful room seem cheaper and less sophisticated.
At Marilyn Rose Interiors, we take accessories selection very seriously. The accessories we choose for each room are intended to finish the space, reflect the life and style of the owners, and make each room that much more cozy and polished.
Throw pillows are an important part of accessories selection. We actually start the fabric selection process when we’re working on the rest of the drapery and upholstery fabric choices. We have our top craftsmen create fine custom throw pillows that perfectly complement each space. We use designer trims to make each pillow especially unique. Our beautiful custom throw pillows dress up even the simplest sofa or armchair. The best part about throw pillows is that if you tire of them after a few years, it’s fairly inexpensive to make new ones (especially when compared to the cost of getting a whole new sofa!).
One element of a room that we always love to dress up is the mantel. A mantel is a perfect spot for gorgeous accessories! We like to use unique candlesticks, antique girondelles, and other objets d’art to dress up mantles. Other pretty choices are beautiful picture frames or fine faux florals. A mantle is a natural focal point, so we want to ensure it’s properly accessorized.
Two beautiful mantles designed by Marilyn Rose Interiors.
Cocktail tables are another important accessorizing spot. Without accessories, they’re a large, blank space – when cocktail tables are left empty, the room seems empty. When they’re accessorized with a jumble of objects, they seem cluttered. We sometimes like to contain our cocktail table accessories with a beautiful tray. This prevents clutter, and is especially effective on upholstered items like an ottoman.
Other spots we accessorize for clients are side tables and entry tables. It’s important to choose a good mix of materials, scales, and object types to prevent these little vignettes from seeming too homogenous. For side tables, we like to use a table lamp, some sort of pretty object like a unique box or crystal sphere, and maybe a picture frame. For entry tables, a collection of picture frames and a floral element are nice touches to welcome guests into your home.
For a bar or butler’s pantry, antique decanters are always a good choice. A pretty tiered tray, like the one we used in this onyx-laden bar, adds a decorative element as well. For bathrooms, beautiful tissue boxes, hand towels, and soap dispensers are a must. Fresh or well-made faux florals help make the room seem bright and lively.
Accessorizing is not a task to be taken lightly. If we just designed a beautiful home for a client, it’s imperative that the accessories reflect the rest of the space. If your home is already complete but you’d like Marilyn Rose Interiors to help you accessorize, please contact us for a complimentary consultation! 

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Trusted and professional  Long Island and Hamptons Interior Design firm NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates. 

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