What are some Exquisite Designs of Bunk Beds with Stairs?

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What are some Exquisite Designs of Bunk Beds with Stairs?

It is always a good idea to keep the interior of your home minimal and restricted to beautiful yet space efficient furniture. Are you looking to decorating your home with space efficient furniture? Do you wish to do the interior of your child’s room? Are you facing the crisis of space?

We all wish to keep free space to facilitate proper movement within our homes and at the same time incorporate beautiful designs for our décor. If you want to do the same for the bedroom occupied by your children, you must be on the lookout for options that can cater to the needs of all your children and at the same time occupy minimum space?

For all those who fall into the above category, one of the best solutions to using up minimum space and keeping the aesthetics in mind, you can opt for bunk beds with stairs. Down below are the reasons why a bunk bed a convenient option.

#1. The most practical solution for lack of space is using bunk beds. This will require the space of one single furniture and provide the sleeping space for two people.

#2. A bunk bed with stairs is a safe option for the one sleeping on the top bunk. It makes the climbing easy and safe. With the bunk beds without stairs, it often becomes difficult for the person climbing on the top bunk. The stairs will ensure the kids climb the bed safely.

#3. You can utilize less space and at the same time, there is no need to compromise on the beauty of the furniture you opt for. Bunk beds with stairs are available in various designs and are aesthetically appealing. There are multiple options available the market to opt from. Down below are some examples of options of exquisite designs of bunk beds with stairs.

Exquisite Designs Of Bunk Bed With Stairs

(Image courtesy: Sears)

#1. The Brady twin over full bunk bed with stairs is a gorgeous looking piece of furniture. The white polish gives it a charming effect. You can team it with light cooler beddings, and some fun toys for your kids thrown around will make it a great option for your kid's room. This bed is spacious enough for three of your kids, takes up least amount of space and at the same time has a unique design. The stairs look like a ladder which makes it look interesting and out of the box.

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

#2. This one is a rustic looking twin bunk bed with an old world charm, an absolute beauty when it comes to the looks. Along with the looks, it has a bunch of benefits, such as the foot board, which will ensure your convenience, the stairs which fit in perfectly into the design and makes climbing super safe. For further more safety of the person sleeping on the top, there are the side rails that offer safety.

(Image courtesy: Wayfair)

#3.This beautiful white polished bunk bed with stairs is a gorgeous yet a very practical option. The double utility stairs give you the option of a safe climb and also serve as storage space. The idea of converting the side of the stairs into storage drawers makes this option storage and safety friendly.

(Image courtesy: Amazon.com)

#4. This bed is another storage and safety friendly option. This bunk bed with stairs comes with drawers at the base of the bed. The stairs are perfect for climbing; there are side rails to keep the one sleeping on the top bed safe. Then to give you better utility value, you have two big drawers at the base.

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