What is 'Deal With it' GIFS?

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What is 'Deal With it' GIFS?

What is this ‘Deal With It’ GIFS all about? Have you come across one yet? Let’s find out what the rage is all about!

The expression ‘Deal With It’ is used in return to answer to a person’s disapproval. If it often equated with picture macros and animated GIFS in which the subject can be seen wearing a pair of glasses.

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In the middle of the year 2005, ‘Feels Good Man’ innovator Matt Furie used the phrase on Myspace first. The phase is also seen being used on varied web forums with an animated GIF of ‘smug dog’. Also, in the year 2010, animated GIF’s showing dropping glasses were made popular on Dump.fm which is a media sharing website.

In addition, Giphy has launched a new app on iPhone called ‘Giphy Cam’. Its role is to make GIF’s and its fun to play with. The app has no inevitable browsing, social network or feed. It is just known to have a camera, some filters, and a pack of weird borders, backgrounds, and animations that you could imbibe in your recording. Just go through the app and you will find GIF standbys titled ‘Deal With It’.

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You could also create your own GIFS using varied apps such as:


It is the newest GIF creator that converts any video URL to a GIF. It’s very easy to use! Just add the video URL then select an entry point for the clip to be used and add a length ranging from 0.5 to 15 seconds with the scrubber and later add a subtitle you wish to add. The process is not complete if the GIF is less than 10 GB.


It is a post-production tool which is to be used if you are too serious about the GIFS you create. You can create your own GIF using images or videos uploaded. Mind it! It does not use YouTube videos. You know what’s amazing about this app? It's editing options are killer. One could resize and crop already existing GIFS with their URL and add effects to them.

#3. Picasion

Its job is to convert a line of static images into slide show GIF’s. Unfortunately, it does not give out the video to GIF abilities but it does give out clean GIF’s without any wrapper page. It does not require any registration too.

I hope this article helped you to understand the rage on the internet! If not, let us know by commenting in the box below.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Giphy)

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