How to Paint Ceramic Tile?

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How to Paint Ceramic Tile?

Are you somebody who likes ceramic tile floors in their bathroom?  Do you have innumerable questions on whether they can be painted or not? Are you willing to paint them but confused on how to initiate the same? Terms such as the painting of tile, reglazing and refinishing mean applying a type of paint and coating, although specific materials and processes work great than others!

We all know that an installed tile dyed with trendy colors goes out of fashion after a few years and requires an up gradation. Old tiles give a grim look to the house and therefore, we stumble upon ideas of re-painting them. Gratefully, all kinds of ceramic tiles no matter how aged can be made fresh again with a coat of paint. So, don’t forget to paint like a skilled one!

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You would find yourself lucky if you prevent yourself from painting tiles which are prone to water often such as tile floor, tile tub, and tile vanity countertop.

There are two rules which should be kept in mind before starting a painting spree. Do not forget to prepare the surface properly and usage of the accurate paint.

Now let’s figure out how to paint a tile:

You should know to start with the painting spree; you must do your preparation for attaching success to your painting. So, how to prepare your tile?

#1.  Tile Cleaning

First of all, cleanse the tile to remove any sort of dirt or soap scum with the usage of a bathroom cleaner. After that, wipe the exterior with a wet and clean sponge to remove anything which is left and permit the surface to dry.

#2.  Sand The Tile

With the help of a fine sandpaper such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide having the synthetic grit of about 180-220 grit, slowly sand the tile. It is done to remove the glazed surface. Do you know a better and neat job can be done by an orbital sander than hand sanding?

#3.  Dust Removal

Then, the next step involves wiping the surface of the tile with a moist cloth to remove the dust remains. Permit it to dry completely before starting to paint.

Voila! You are done with the preparation part. Now, the next step involves how to paint a ceramic tile. Are you ready to know the interesting process? Always, remember, nothing is impossible if you give multiple tries.

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So, there are two painting choices to look upon:

#1. Latex Paint

If you choose this paint, then one or two coats of a bonding primer should be applied to allow the paint to cling to surfaces such as tiles. Then follow it up with two top coats of acrylic latex wall paint.

#2. Epoxy Paint

Two coats of the two part epoxy paint should be applied which is made for the tile and other hard to paint surfaces like ‘Rust- Oleum Tub and Tile. Do not forget to follow the directions carefully else you might end up ruining your work! Also, allow the permitted drying time before its usage. Also, note down that the colors available for the epoxy paint may not be much!

Also, you must remember that painting ceramic tiles are not a DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) job, it is advised to call a professional to do it to get an amazing finishing. If your house tends to sell paint for the tiles, you would be disappointed to know that the selections are limited. Also, using of rollers, brushes and even a spray can give bad results.

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