Few DIY tricks to decorate your house like a professional interior decorator

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Few DIY tricks to decorate your house like a professional interior decorator

When a festive season knocks at the door, decoration plays an important role in making the house look beautiful. However, the interior decoration of the home sweet home is always a difficult task. It consists of a hectic work and costs a lot of the money in order to make everything look perfect. The lights, the ceilings, walls, floor, cushions, everything strikes in one go and it is quite impossible to do all at the same time. But few easy tricks can make all these problems solved in no time. Tricks that are affordable, easy and much less time taking, plus these can be done without the help of any professional decorator.

Here are some of the few useful tricks-


Things required for the task:

1. Led Rice Lights.

2. Led Artificial Candles.

3. Tea Light Candles.

4. Glass Candle Holders.

5. Fruit Punch Bowl.

This trick is suitable for any kind of evening get together or even if it's just a simple group meet. It provides the smoothness and calm ambiance to the house.

The LED rice lights are very cheap and available almost everywhere.

PROCEDURE - Take one rope of the LED lights and put it on the central wall of the living room with the pattern of your choice and stick it to the wall with the help of some sellotape. The wall light is ready to be used. Make sure you put all the dark lights off but not these. Next step is to put some artificial candle near the windows and different corners of the room to give a shady effect near the curtains. The artificial candles are safe to use and this option is quite risk-free.

Then to make the center table more appealing, take the punch bowl and put some water to it, making some candles float on it. Lit them. Make some more candles lit in the glass candle holder and put them on both the sides of the punch bowl. You can also add some incense to the room at the corners to make it more pleasant.


The walls of the house play a vital role in making the overall decoration look great. Things required for this are:

1. Metallic Wall Colors.

2. Some Wall Colours of Contrast (Plastic Paint).

3. A Square Size Sponge Or Ant Stencils.

PROCEDURE-To start with, we need to paint the wall first with the required color say a shade of blue and apply 2 quotes of the same and let it dry. Once the wall is completely dried, leave it for a day two.

Then grab a sponge and dip it in the metallic paint, squeeze it a little and press it against the wall creating a spongy pattern. Repeat the process with the sponge with minimum distance in between to create a wave kind of effect or just take the required stencil and create a distinguished pattern with the metallic paint and you will get the decoration with a brand new wall.


Things required-

1. Old Tyres Of Motorbikes Or Car (Minimum Three).

2. A Rectangular Glass Piece (Little bigger than the Tyres).

3. Some Paints of Your Choice.

4. Some Cushions.

PROCEDURE - Take the tires and paint them with the desired colors of choice and let them dry.

Once they are dry, take one of the tires and put it where you want to keep the table set and then put the glass on the top. There you go with a cool and stylish tea table. Put the other two tires on each side with some cushions at the center and the whole new set is ready to be used.

This can be kept in the balcony for a tea time break or in the corner of a study room, just for sitting and reading purpose.


Things required:

1. Old Glass Bottles.

2. Led Lights.

3. Some Glass Paints.

These lights can be used as terrace lights or can be hung from the ceilings with the help of hanging wires.

PROCEDURE - To start, take the old bottles and cut their lower side. Paint them with glass color as required and simply put some LED lights on them and hang them on the ceiling. Magnificent colors of light will create a very artistic look and will enhance the look of the place. Thus giving an ambiance you never thought of.


Things required

1. A Clay Shallow Pot.

2. Water.

3. Flowers.

4. Candles (Floating).

PROCEDURE - For this, you need to pour water into the shallow pot and decorate it with flowers of your choice. Add the candles and put it near the entrance of your house for a soothing welcome to your guests.


Things required:

1. Fish Bowl.

2. Some Colourful Pebbles.

3. Glitters.

4. Dry Petals.

5. Sandalwood Peels.

PROCEDURE - To create the decoration piece you need to layer all the things inside the fish bowl, starting with the pebbles. Give a layer of your own colorful pebbles followed by the glitters and then the petals. Include some dry sandalwood peels.

The decoration piece is ready to use. This complete set can be kept on the center table or the dining table or anywhere in the house. It not only gives a better look, enhancing the inner beauty but is also aromatic in nature.


Things required:

1. 3-Dpaper Flowers Of Different Sizes.

2. Glue.

This trick is best used to decorate the walls behind the bed or a sofa set.

PROCEDURE - Take the 3-D flowers and put some glue on the backside and stick them on the wall. You can create various patterns with it. For example, take different sizes of 3-D flower from small to big and arrange them on the wall in a tilted manner or in an angular pattern and a new look will be created with the flower attached to the wall.

These little tricks can enhance the look of your house without any professional decorator. These tricks are simple and at the same time, easy and less time-consuming. Along with this, they are pretty much affordable.

With these little DIY tricks, anyone can decorate their house for various occasions or just give a newly renovate look.

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