Should grown men be wearing skinny jeans / trousers?

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Should grown men be wearing skinny jeans / trousers?

Each of us has our own fashion statement influenced by the passing trends of style in terms of clothing and accessories.

Most of the people choose fashion that makes them look smart and nice at the same time, and thereby, stand out in the crowd. However, many of us blow it up in our own ways by working way too hard to look good by adopting styles and trends which may make us feel considerably uncomfortable. One such very common fashion disaster among men is when middle-aged men end up wearing skin tight jeans or trousers.

Skinny jeans as the name itself suggests are best suited to males aged between 15 to 21 years of age, with a lean and thin physique. The fabrics and textures used in skinny jeans do not look very nice when worn as a trouser among older men. Because there are various possible designs for jeans for the different body types of men, it is best understood, those pair of skinny jeans is definitely not the desired choice. The clingy fit of such trousers for men is a highly repelling sight and gives an uncomfortable fit.

Slim fit jeans among men give a Y-shaped finish to the trouser resulting in a compression of the legs near to the bottom which according to stylists should ideally have a V-shaped fit. Because these trousers make one focus on the bottom portion of the body, most of the men, do not have the body type to carry a pair of skin tight jeans or trousers. Thus, wearing slim fit jeans with a different body type, one could look less masculine because of the silhouette which makes the legs look short and the upper part of the body extremely heavy. Skinny jeans may thereby, have a very unattractive impression and inappropriate fit among men who wear them.

Among the other things which could go wrong in this regard, is largely dependent on the built and physique of the man who wears it. For someone who is fat, a pair of skinny jeans could highlight the fat around the belly giving him an imbalanced appearance. For those who are very thin, the lack of mass and muscle will be further highlighted through the skin tight jeans making them look thinner and taller than usual. For men with a heavy upper portion and thin legs, skinny jeans would result in a highly unattractive appearance.

Skinny jeans, when worn, are an act of complete compromise of your comfort in an attempt to look trendy. The pockets designed in these trousers are just for show and do not really provide sufficient space for tucking in your wallet or phone. Due to their tight fit, people get to literally wriggle through skin fit trousers to wear it which is as uncomfortable as the style. Because these trousers restrict airflow, resulting in perspiration near the groin area leaving behind sweat patches on the seat, a cause of great embarrassment among men.

Certain brands manufacturing such tight fitted jeans and trousers have discussed the potential health conditions which might result due to their regular use. Some of these conditions include a decrease in the sperm count, infections of the urinary tract, fungal infections of the urinary bladder and distortion in the testicle structures, which is a matter of great concern.

The reasons why tight fitted skinny jeans may not be the right choice for men are many. However, when a man perfects a comfortable pair of denim with the correct fit to his body type, not only prevent the possibility of any health hazards for him caused due to such extreme styles, and also succeed in showcasing his style with grace.

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We can wear whatever the hell we damn well please, only a sissy boy, or a weak man would allow somebody else to tell him what to wear, or be concerned what others think of what he has on. 


Men should not wear skin tight jeans or trousers.


As women are free to wear anything, so are men. They can wear whatever they want.

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