Current Trends in Modern Art

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Current Trends in Modern Art

Modern art can be defined as the work of art culture during the period of the 1960s to 1980s. It basically reveals the style of art and architecture during that period. It consists of various artworks and paintings that denote the culture and tradition of the particular era. The name of modern art is given because of the era in which it was started was the beginning of the modern period.

The beginning of modern art was done by the great painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne and Henri Lautrec. The modern art included various experiments in that field and various new methods to see the artworks. It involved a new approach to see nature and its function to produce a piece of art.

In this era, Pablo Picasso made his first painting of cubic which was derived from the idea of nature's three solid that is a cube, cone and sphere.

Modern painting existed before the art and sculpture emerged in that era. Various artists of this period made different kind of paintings showcasing the environment and nature at the time. However, the art and sculpture were introduced little later.

Late 19th century has witnessed the best of modern art. Clement Greenberg, an important critic of modern art said that the first real modern artist is Immanuel Kant. After the French revolution, people got to choose the type of art they like.

The main scales of the modern art was romance, realistic and impressionist approach.

The modern art is generally classified into two categories:

Theory Of Abstraction: In this type, the artist generally creates the art piece in combination of sphere, cones, cylinders and cubes to form a piece of artwork 

Theory Of Automatism: In this type of art the painting is the view and thoughts of the painter who creates the piece of work by his own idea and imagination and puts it all together as a painting.

The current trends of modern art include various designs and artwork that can inspire many to create their own masterpieces. Moreover, new age technology makes it easier for the artists to showcase their talents.

USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: The social media plays an important role in showcasing of an art. An artist can easily showcase his/her artwork on the Instagram or Facebook page to get noticed. 

DIGITAL MEDIA: The new age media allowed the artists to showcase their work and exhibit the work for sale on the digital platform where interested people could buy.

TECHNOLOGY: New technology in the field of art helps the artist in creating their masterpieces. They can use various modern tools and equipment in order to make their artwork done.

GLOBALIZATION: Globalization is helping the world to connect with each other very easily and at the same time, artists and their work get connected. The artist gets to experiment with his/her artwork with ideas from around the globe.

The various factors that are trending in the current period are affecting the modern art in many ways. The new technology and new media are helping the artists, unlike the artists who struggled with the age of modern art. The easy access to information and contents makes it very easy for the artist in the current era to make their artwork accurate and fine. Modern art is a form of art and has a unique quality in it. The genre of modern art is being liked by many and various experiments are done in this field. The evolution of modern art in various parts of the globe is different and is associated with the culture of the particular place.

But with all the new technology and modern equipment, the essence of modern art is not the same these days. With constant evolution, the approach of modern art has also changed a lot. The present day's modern art includes virtual artworks, visual works, and digital works.

No doubt the work has reached a tremendous level of excellence, but the roots of the artwork will be missed in many ways.

Many artists work on the pure modern work genre and don't prefer to tease it in any way. They prefer working on the real art form and make their artwork related to the roots.

Nowadays the art gallery exhibitions and artwork showcase have become much commercialized. Rather than appreciating the artwork, people focus on its value and the price of the art. The artwork has become a major trade in the practice of being the luxury. Various museums perform exhibitions and the entry needs a ticket or pass that costs a lot.

In many artwork inauguration or exhibition, the trend has become like the clubs where the overcrowded hall is closed to other visitors until someone leaves.

The modern art culture is somewhere missing and the essence of it has been crushed under the heavy commercialisation of people.

People now don't value the artwork by the concept, they value it by the amount of money it fetches.

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