How to decorate your balcony on the festive occasion of Christmas?

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How to decorate your balcony on the festive occasion of Christmas?

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way!

Yes, Christmas is peeping at our doors again and people are already busy with shopping, buying gifts, and decorating their houses.

In the meanwhile, we are here  to help you in the decoration of your most cherished place of the home, the balcony. Yeah, trust me it would be fun!

Christmas Bells

Yeah Bells, If you want to give your balcony a party look, sparkling and shimmering bells would be a great idea. Just bring in some of the brightly colored bells from the market and hang them over the railings, and hang some over the walls too.

Christmas Balls

The Christmas balls may give another sort of look to your balcony which will also be impressive. Hang golden colored balls in groups at fixed intervals on the railings and walls.

Designer Lanterns

As it is the festival which brings with it sunshine and joy in our lives, therefore use ornately carved lanterns to decorate the balcony. Just place these sparkling lanterns at different places. It would give a rustic look to your balcony.


The most romantic and pure of all are candles. You have to buy some of the colored candles and place them in different kinds of candle stands. Also, you can use the fragrant ones to decorate the balcony; it will please your senses while giving the festive look.

A combination of items

A combination of items, which will include, ribbons, bells, silver colored balls, and  golden colored balls, some satin ribbons. Now use the ribbons cover the railing of the balcony,  fix the differently colored balls in between them, and the bells at the fixed intervals, trust me your balcony would look awesome.


You can use stars for the decoration purposes. Buy a lot of brightly colored stars and then stick them onto the walls. Also make a few bunches of the stars together. Then hang these bunches of the stars at different places, for example, place a few on the railings, you can stick some on the walls, and also if you have a glass table, with the help of a stand, fix a bunch in there.

 Santa dolls

Santa dolls are available in the market. And if you want to give your balcony a different look. Buy some of the Santa dolls,of different sizes and shapes. Hang a few dolls on the railings of the balcony ,and you can keep a big Santa doll in a corner, and hang some of the dolls in a few places. It would seem as if it has become a mini Santa park.Ah yes, one thing , also for some fun sake, keep some of the gifts with the Santa dolls, which you will give to your children or guests.


Ribbons have never been out of fashion, and therefore, you can use vibrant ribbons to make beautiful decorations. You may bring a single colored ribbon to give a certain theme to your balcony or you can use multi-colored ones.

Lights décor

Lights are a must when it is a festival. Just use these lovely series of lights which will give a happy look to your house. You can choose how to hang them of course! 

The evergreen frills

Hey! Here comes the favorite thing of the little children. Frills add vibrant colors to the decorations and they just complete the look. You can use multiple frills of different colors to decorate the balcony.

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