How genuine is "Your Home" in terms of Investment?

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How genuine is "Your Home" in terms of Investment?

How genuine will an investment in buying a home be, is the question we always ask ourselves before buying a house.

For the rich investing in the real estate is rolling their money and for the middle class, it's an investment that would increase their savings and give them a tension free life. No Indian wants to live in a house where the owner has some demand every other day or avoids maintenance and expects his tenant to adjust or maintain his house I need more than 5000 rupees to rent a house like my own house, but I do not need Rs.5000 every month to maintain my house. So I have made a good investment by building my own house.

The idea that a house will not get its correct value after a few years does not work in India. Till date, at least in my city and the rest of Odisha a home always fetched three times its value even if it sold five years later. A doctor who had invested only 8 lakhs in buying a flat in Bhubaneswar at an apartment I was staying sold his flat at 24 lakhs after five years. The way the cities in Odisha and some major cities in India are expanding, investing in homes is profitable. 

Business opportunities, employment and educational facilities are directly related to home investment. Wherever these three facilities are available, buying a home is a genuine investment. Investment in real estate has always been beneficial in India. Prices of houses or plots in cities and their outskirts are increasing constantly and so also the resale value. It's true a builder fixes a much higher rate for each flat than he has invested. Therefore building one's own house, if we have the time and resources is much cheaper than buying a pre-build house or flat and selling profitable.   

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Investing in house in a profitable investing idea according to me. Its clearly an asses thus its 100% genuine to invest in home for a profitable one.

As one of the most expensive purchases most people ever make, is investing in buying a house, thus it should be an important consideration for prospective house buyers.

The way I'd think about a home's investment potential is to consider it a long-term investment, similar to a savings account.

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