Advantages of Selling Houses to a Real Estate Investor

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Advantages of Selling Houses to a Real Estate Investor

It wasn’t long ago that homeowners had but one solution to sell a house. You either worked with a real estate agent or kicked dirt trying to sell locally. The only real option was the agent. Of course, working with a real estate agent means signing a contract, paying fees, and promising a commission on the sale. You were losing money. Now, thanks to business savvy and opportunities, real estate investors make a difference. For homeowners who want more money from their property, a real estate investor is the solution.

Fast Sales

If your goal is to sell your property quickly, a real estate investor is your only solution. All-in-all, you could sell your home within the week. Most investors provide a reasonable cash offer within 24 hours, which would not be possible with a realtor. From there, the time to close on the property is based on your schedule. If you have a day off from work, you could meet the investor at the title office and hand over the keys. It’s a breeze.

Real Money

As previously mentioned, a realtor will want their cut. You must pay fees and commissions on each sale. It’s a costly endeavor to sell a house. With an investor, money is readily available. You’ll receive the full amount on the date of closing; there are no extensive wait times for bank financing. Reliable investors have capital in-hand when required.

No Repairs

If you were selling your house on the market, potential buyers would expect the necessary repairs and renovations to be complete before closing. You’re on the hook for extensive repairs, including plumbing, fixtures, painting, paving, and more. It adds up.

With a real estate investor, your house is purchased “as is.” What does that mean? You’re not responsible for repairs or renovations. If you have a cracked driveway or chipped paint, the investor handles the job using thorough contractors. It costs you nothing!


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