How to Sell a House Quickly

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How to Sell a House Quickly

When it comes to selling a house these days, you have two options. You could either list your home on the market with a real estate agent, or you could sell your home today to a real estate investor. One is the traditional path. The latter often nets you more money for your property, though. If you’re looking for a quick sale, then a real estate investor is the method to consider, first and foremost. You can typically close the transaction within a week, depending on your schedule!

Quick Sale Tips

A quick sale is not unheard of in the real estate market. It happens every day. Homeowners who are actively seeking to move on and be rid of their property generally take proactive steps, though. You could, too. Some steps to take include:

• Small Upgrades – Each month, consider making a few minor upgrades throughout your property. You don’t need to sink thousands of dollars into renovations. Instead, consider replacing a few electrical sockets, install a carbon monoxide detector, or perhaps even a security system. These items will make your property more attractive to prospective buyers.

• Brighten Up – A poorly-lit home is somewhat depressing. In the real estate market, first impressions do matter. Research your light fixture, then install the highest wattage light bulb to brighten the room.

• Curb Appeal – The outside of your home matters as much, if not more, than the interior. A well-maintained landscape, a fresh coat of paint, and freshly-repaired or paved driveway make a difference!

Real Estate Investors

Alternatively, if you want to sell your property “as is,” then consider a real estate investor. You won’t spend money on repairs or renovations. You won’t pay commissions or real estate fees. It’s a quick, simple sale that begins with a single phone call.

A real estate investor, once contacted, will assess your property. From there, they will offer a reasonable cash offer, based on market value, the neighborhood, and your goals. You may either accept or pass on the proposal. Closing is based on your schedule.

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