Décor Tips - 6 Easy DIY Décor Ideas for Anniversary Room

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If you are planning to have an amazing anniversary party within your house then you can opt for easy and small decorating ideas that will help you to decorate your house and room while organising the anniversary party. If you have small or limited budget even then you don’t have to worry here in this article we are discussing about the DIY decoration ideas that will be done within small budget. 

1. Prefer to Make Lantern Decorations:

Obviously, it is time to celebrate one year of your wedding with your instant family. Even if you have limited budget you have to arrange a lunch or dinner for your entire family. For making it more attractive you can arrange to have some amazing decorations. For this you can simply opt to make a paper lantern decoration as these lanterns could be used anywhere for decorating your party. For this it will be best if you take a colourful or glitter paper so that these decorations will look more attractive. Other than that, you can place a digital light within it that will make it look prettier.

2. Prefer to Use Vintage Collectables:

Other thing that you can use is vintage collectables for decorating your house for an anniversary party. For making these decorations you have to use vintage silver and then polish it, or else you can use silver-plated ornaments to decorate your house. It will be better idea if you will polish up your antique pieces and display it proudly to decorate the house. Basically, these are DIY decoration making ideas that you can use for decorating your house and will cost you very low and look more attractive.

3. Make a Cotton Decoration Plants:

Next decoration that you can make by yourself with less span of time and by investing less amount of money is to use cotton boll branches for making attractive bouquets. These will be used to display on the beverage table or even at different locations for decorating the anniversary party.

4. Make Decorations with Mixed Metals:

As we all know mostly gold and silver are used in anniversary party decorations but now trends have been changed and people prefer to use mixed metals decorations. So that overall décor could look perfect and more appealing. And you can simply keep these decorations along with wholesale bedding.

5. Use Crystal Sparkles in Decorations:

Next thing that you can do is to decorate your entire house by using shimmering crystal. You can simply place them on the chandelier or at the dining room table, and even attach it to the gorgeous candlesticks that you have placed at the center of the buffet table at your anniversary party.

6. Make Your House Exterior Get Sparkle:

Most people prefer to decorate outdoor of their home to enjoy holiday season. For this you have to embellish garland present at the facade door of your house, you can use different sparkling decoration pieces along with twinkling white lights. Other than that, you can simply hang swags of chaplet on front side of your house.

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