How can I Throw a Surprise Birthday Party?

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How can I Throw a Surprise Birthday Party?

It is my childhood friend's 25th birthday next week. And I have a few plans for her. However, the logistics part is pretty daunting. But, organizing and getting everyone to celebrate is definitely a good idea.  

I really want to organize for her a surprise birthday party at her own place. She has a really big and beautiful house. And I am thinking to utilize the basement to plan out something really quirky for her. But, what can I exactly do is the main question? Please give me some ideas on how can I go about!

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Show up at 12 with all the close friends

Just ask her family members to send her out for a while. You can arrange things in her absence. You can seek help from your other friends as well. Do not go for the usual cake. Try something different. Have cupcakes and muffins and fix candles on to them. It will we quirky and unique. Organize activities which are unusual.

You can throw her a theme party of her favorite movie.

recreate your childhood memories.

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