DIY Tutorial: How to make Spin-Art Machine & Stunning Spin-Art at Home

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DIY Tutorial: How to make Spin-Art Machine & Stunning Spin-Art at Home

Do you keep wondering about doing something creative when you are bored? You are done playing games on your phone and watching your favorite television shows on repeat and now you want to do something different, something creative. We all need something creative in our lives and we all know the importance of creativity in our life. In order to grow and develop into being a better person we need to brush up our mind and the best exercise for our mind is to do something creative.

Why not try something that is fun and is a DIY? What better use of time by building something on your own which is technical and creative. It requires science which will produce a piece of art. Why not make a spin art machine and then create a spin art at home? If you have kids at home and you want to engage them into some creative work then spin art will be the best option for you.

Let us look at a YouTube DIY project created by a channel named ‘Fun WithSehej’. Sehej is an innocent and creative kid who thought of making a spin art with the help of a spin art machine but without buying the machine from the market. In the video she has shown the easiest and the most amazing way to create a spin art machine on your own. So, if you are a kid, teenager or an adult and if you want to make a DIY spin art machine at home then follow the instructions given below

Things You Require

#1. Will and free time

#2. Disposable cardboard box and a piece of cardboard

#3. A cooling fan from your old PC’s CPU

#4. Double sided tape

#5. 9 volt battery

#6. Spray Colors/Sketch pens

#7. White paper canvas 

Hands At Work

#1. Remove the grill from the cooling fan by unscrewing with the help of a screwdriver. You can always take help from others if you find it difficult to remove the screws.

#2. Take the cardboard box and find the center of the box by drawing two diagonal lines with the help of a measuring scale or the extra piece of cardboard.

#3. The point where the diagonals intersect is your center. You have to put the grill of the cooling fan on that point. Now mark the points where the grill has to be fixed.

#4. Create holes on those points that you marked using a screw driver. Now fix the grill with the help of screws. Make sure that the screws are fixed properly and the grill does not move.

#5. Now, turn around the box and install the cooling fan. Create another hole to pass the wire of the cooling fan out of the box.

#6. Cut a square piece from the extra cardboard that you will be using as the base in the spin art machine. This is going to be the place where you keep your canvas to create the spin art.

#7. Again, draw two intersecting diagonals on the square cardboard piece to find its center.

#8. Apply double-sided tape over the fan in its center. Stick the square cardboard on the double-sided tape.

#9. Connect the wires of the fan with the wires of the 9 volt battery. Join the wires with a tape. Now connect the battery.

#10. You will see the base spinning. Put the white sheet of the size same as the cardboard. Fix the sheets with the help of push-pins on the edges. Now, your spin art machine is ready to use.

#11. Turn on the battery and drop the color of your choice on the white paper to create a spin art.

#12. After you have your desired spin art, disconnect the battery and remove the push-pins from the sheet.

You can create as many spin arts as you want with as many colors and patterns you want. Sehej has shown how to make different patterns with the help of a screwdriver. So bring out your creativity and make lots of creative art. You can enjoy with your friends and siblings.

To Watch the Complete Video Tutorial of this DIY Spin Art machine and Spin Art, Click on the link & watch the amazing video:

Did you like this idea of a DIY? If you try making a spin art machine and a spin art or if you have made one already then share your ideas with us through the comments section below.

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