What Colors make Purple?

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What Colors make Purple?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you only have immediate access to a set of primary colors, and you need other colors to complete your project? This can seem to be a setback.

There is a fact about colors that will help you to overcome this problem each time you encounter it. If you have a set of primary colors, which includes red, blue and yellow, you can mix white and black to it and create other colors. If you are fond of discovering various art and craft related hacks, if you love experimenting with all the awesome art and craft supplies, you are at the right place! Down below are three cool ways in which you can create the color ‘purple,' by using primary colors.

What Colors Make Purple?

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#1. You can use blue and red color to create purple. Make sure you combine both of them in the same proportion and don’t go overboard with any one color. There are various shades of both red and blue available; this might lead to a bunch of confusions. To make it very clear, please use the shade true red and true blue. Using other shade may not give you your desired results.

#2. You can mix the purple color and white color to get a lighter shade of purple. In this case, make sure you use a small amount of white on a large amount of purple. Add a little bit of white and look at the result, then go ahead and mix more, if required. You can use the purple you created with your red and blue paints, or you can also use a readily available purple paint.

#3. You can go ahead and mix black to you purple color; this will give a darker shade of the same color. In this case, mix a small amount of black to the purple to get your desired shade of purple.

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