9 DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home And Make It Look Gorgeous

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9 DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home And Make It Look Gorgeous

Are you bored with the same old house of yours? Do you wish to make a few changes to make it look different and new but can’t because of money issues?

Don’t you worry because now you can do all you want, that too without any extra money? You just need your old furniture, some free time, a cup of coffee, an upbeat playlist and your creative senses. If you have marked all of them in your checklist, then you are good to go.

Take a look at the 9 DIY home decor ideas:

#1. Tea Or Coffee Cup With A Message

Gone are the days when plain white mugs were a trend, they just scream “Boring” now. Add on some colors and quirky quotes or messages on your mugs with a sharpie marker. Bake it for 30 minutes at about 350 F to keep the message for longer.

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#2. Letter Bottles With A Hot Glue Gun

Don’t you throw away those old plastic bottles? Use them for decorating your house instead. Use the glue stick to write messages on the bottles. Once dry paint the bottle with suitable colors.

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#3. Use Window Shutters As Mail Holders

If you are planning to change your window screens, then don’t throw the old ones. Use them as mail holders. Maybe repaint the old shutter and hang it outside your main door or inside the house.

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#4. Stack PVC Pipe to make Shoe Storage

Lining all the shoes in the house looks messy at times, especially when you have too many of them. Use the old PVC pipes and cut them to a size that is big enough to hold your shoes. Arrange a number of them together in some corner of the house and store your shoes there.

(Image Courtesy: Macgyverism)

#5. Build A Bookshelf With Ladders And Wood Planks

You can stop stocking your books inside your cupboard and can make yourself a super cool bookshelf. Place the old staircases against the wall at a distance equal. Pass the wooden planks through the staircases. Now, these stairs can be used to pick the books kept on the upper shelves.

(Image Courtesy: pebblesinterior design)

#6. Make A Couch From Wooden Pallets Or Boxes.

Talking about the uses of left over wood, here’s another super awesome idea. If you have spare wooden boxes lying inside your house, then stock them together and cover their tops with soft foam or cushions to make a new couch.

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#7. Pebble Placemat

Let’s visit your garden now. Go to your park or the beach and get a bag full of pebbles. Yes, now use rocks to make placemats. Cut small circular or any other shaped pieces of felt or wood. Using hot glue paste these pebbles (pick the flat ones) on the cut outs. Once they are dry, you can use them under your soup bowls and tea pots.

(Image Courtesy: Homedit)

#8. String Lanterns

Give your garden a makeover by adding on some hanging lanterns in it. All you need is some balloons, glue, threads or twines, corn starch, and some spray paint. Blow the balloons to a desirable size. Cover it with the twines or threads using glue. Using a brush layer the thread with some corn starch. Let it dry. Now paint it with your favorite color. Once dry, burst the balloon and your lantern is ready. Make as many as you like and hang them in your garden. Insert fairy lights for an amazing effect.

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#9. Body Pillows

If you have kids in your house then here’s a fun thing to do for them. Pick five of your old pillows, clean them up and re stuff if required. Now sew all of them together to make a brand new body pillow for your little one. Use colorful threads and different stitch patterns to make them look more interesting. Your kids are surely going to love them.

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Do you have any more ideas in your mind? Let us know in the comment section below.

Because You Can Personalize Things

DIY Yourself! I think is the best way one can express the ideas and explore different things. I made a shrug of a dupatta which is one of the most trending DIYs. I think you guys must try these too. And for more one can find it on Youtube.com. These are the best ways one can decorate the home for cheap. I love the Pillow covers DIY. I think it's the best way I can prepare a sleeping bag for my kids.

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