How to manage both wife and mother equanimously?

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How to manage both wife and mother equanimously?

Men often face the conflict of managing relation amicably between their wife and mother.

While it is true that mother deserves the support of her son, the wife also wants his attention.

Below we list some tips which will help you maintain amicable relations between both of them:

1. Care for your mother

Remember that your mother was the key pillar of your life in your young days. Spend time with her and make her realize that you care for her. Tell her about habits and interests of your wife so that she also starts appreciating your wife and cares for her.

2. Keep your wife in good spirit

A man has to spend a good part of his life with his wife. This makes the relation more important and you need to make her realize that you care for her. Never ignore her concerns which she might have about your mother.

Tell her about the good times you had spent with your mother and whenever possible take both of them for an outing. Informal surroundings often encourage good relations and your wife and mother will end up becoming good friends if you make efforts to keep both of them in good spirit.

Relations are vital for the success of a person, professionally and personally. If you are able to maintain a harmonious relation between your mother and wife, your life will be good.

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That is not possible in many houses. That is why parents stay separately.

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