Do you think we should take care of our parents when they grow old? Is it a family duty?

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Do you think we should take care of our parents when they grow old? Is it a family duty?

It seems inappropriate and completely wrong to even ask this question to ourselves, but in today's date and time, it is one of the most pertinent things that needs thorough discussion. To most parents their children are quite easily become their entire world. From taking proper care of them to satisfying all their needs, whether basic or far-fetched, parents more often than not go out of their means to fulfil their child's requirements and wishes. 

So why are we at a juncture where parents are increasingly being abandoned by their children as they grow old? For a while now, more and more adults have started migrating away from the relationship with their parents. It is a wonderful thing that they are settling down with their own families, but the question rests on why it has to be without any involvement of their parents? 

Let us make an attempt to look back on our own childhood or of the ones that we have witnessed around us. It is absolutely impossible to ignore the role of their parents. From teaching us how to take our first steps into the world to helping us begin our development into responsible, proper thinking citizens, parents have done it all. Still unsure? Okay, let's break it down.

Remember that time when you snubbed your mother, telling her she was being too clingy or that she called you too often, asking you how you were or if you had eaten? Let me ask you something. Are you forgetting the nine months plus the several following years when you clung on to her for dear life? You trailed around the house after her like a shadow in search of food, a playmate and most importantly her warmth. 

She fed you, bathed you, powdered you and put you to sleep. She put her own life on hold for you. She made you her number one, her only priority. Some of them never went back to having a different life, because they were too attached to you and chose you over everything. 

Your father slogged through long hours at work, whether happily or not, to earn enough so that YOU could get a good education and have a better future. He gave you your first bicycle lesson. His shoulders were your highest spot. 

They played the same tricks over and over again to make you laugh. They crouched to enact your favourite animal and carried you around the house for hours. Together they stayed up all night when you were sick. They held you in their arms and paced around the house to make you feel better. Now that they are growing up themselves, you think they are some sort of an unnecessary liability? Think again. 

Do you think you just magically transformed into a self dependent adult overnight? Well guess what, you didn't. Adults these days scold their parents, rebuking them for their inability to cope up and deal with advancing technology, like mobile phones or the computer. Did they forget how as children, they had to be taught how to do something as basic as holding a spoon? They gave you your name, your primary identify and you couldn't even pronounce it before they taught you how to. They taught you everything they knew and in the same way they are always willing to learn what you have to say to them.

The above are cliches, but sometimes a good, revised look at usual things can really work up the mind to act in a more sensible direction. To look after your parents when they are old should not be out of a sense of duty, in my opinion, because it is not your obligation to do so. It should come naturally, like breathing and never be out of some construct of a responsibility that one is forced to abide by. This should be as selfless as the love and affection they received while growing up themselves.

If there is a time and place to be ungrateful, then remember that this isn't one. If you think otherwise, then apologise to your parents for me. Because you didn't deserve any of it. Not their comfort, not all their years and most definitely not their selfless love. 


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