What are the best websites to download books?

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What are the best websites to download books?

I am an avid reader who instantly picks up a book whenever he is free. Over the years, I have built a very respectable collection of books which is quite close to my heart. However, off late, I have been thinking about switching to eBooks since it is getting difficult for me to find space for my new books.

I recently went on the internet to check out some websites offering eBooks and was left overwhelmed by their large number. So, I am here to ask you what you think are the best websites on the internet for downloading eBooks.

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Google ebookstore, Kindle, Bookboon etc

1. Google ebookstore

2. Kindle

3. Bookboon

Kindle is the best 

I use Amazon Free Kindle books for free downloading.

Planet eBook, Archive, and many more.

Goodreads is a good website for picking up online books. 

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